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5 World Class Places To Eat in Bordeaux

In the past, it might have been challenging to recommend a good place to eat in Bordeaux as the Bordeaux Restaurants didn’t match the exceptional wine culture. But, things have changed in the Wine Capital of the World, and Bordeaux now boasts one of the best foodie scenes in France.


Bordeaux today is a vibrant city with much more than just new tourism initiatives and the La Cité du Vin. It’s like a sparkling diamond that has been unveiled from under the soot. 

Food and wine are a significant part of the culture in the Port of the Moon. Many top chefs have added Bordeaux to their restaurants’ lists, and new talented chefs are continually emerging. However, with hundreds of restaurants, bistros, and brasseries in the city, it still can be pretty challenging to choose where to eat. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 restaurants in Bordeaux.

Of course, many of the best restaurants change their menus seasonally, which is actually a sign of a good restaurant that uses quality local ingredients.



Arcada opened in May 2019, Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to midnight.

The place offers a beautiful experience from start to finish, offering great value-for-money courses with a high level of artistry and excellence. It immediately shows how much tenderness and sense goes into food preparation.

The staff is not underperforming either. The genuinely friendly and unpretentious staff takes care of your every need. 

Despite artistic-looking plates, the sensations evoke childhood memories in a most profound manner. 

While keeping things fresh and exciting by changing the menu regularly to showcase the best seasonal ingredients from the region, Arcada works with small, local producers to ensure that the ingredients are of the highest quality.

The wine cellar, with over 50 different wines, covers not only the finest of France but also wine regions from around the world. 

The perfectly prepared artichokes with roasted celery with tarragon and walnut kernels with fried capers in the coffee emulsion were particularly inspiring.

The recommendations from Gault&MIllau, Michelin, and Trip Advisor are well deserved.


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Restaurant Blisss is located in Merignac comune,  a charming area a bit outside of central Bordeaux. Regardless of being dislocated from the Bordeaux center, this restaurant is well worth the visit. 

Technical skill and creativity here is unparalleled, and even the most experienced foodies will rave about their memories from Blisss, long after they leave the restaurant.

For start, on entering, you are presented with a welcome letter and card of ingredients you have to identify in each dish. Instead of pretentiousness, this adds a significant element of amusement and conversation to the experience. 

The food is faultless, with flavors gorgeously expressed in every dish. However, this astonishing restaurant is temporarily closed until further notice due to the forced rest of the Chef. Fingers crossed for Chef’s good health.


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Son’ Restaurant

Le Son’ restaurant offers a creative and gourmet cuisine inspired by the world and its customs. The food is not only imaginative and beautifully presented but also explained in detail. Each dish is inventive, delicious, and a true pleasure to eat! You can feel the chef’s passion in every bite.

The restaurant’s menu includes appetizers, main dishes, and fish or meat desserts, all perfect for a gourmet and unusual dining experience. The ingredients are carefully selected and come from passionate and ambitious producers who are dedicated to creating a rich and flavorful composition.

The dishes are sometimes simple, sometimes complex, but always inspired by nature. The products are carefully chosen for their quality and seasonality, whether they are from the local area or elsewhere. 

The taste, technique, and textures are the foundations of Chef Sylvain Renzetti’s cuisine. Dining at Le Son’ is not only a feast for your hungry stomach but also a feast for your eyes. You will be delighted and amazed by the chef’s creativity and the quality of the food. Each course surpasses the previous one, making your dining experience unforgettable.


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La Fine Bouche

La Fine Bouche is a must-visit for those looking for an authentic and modern take on French cuisine. Whether or not you’re a fan of haute cuisine, the owner’s charming personality and warm welcome will make you feel at home. From the friendly staff to the exquisite dishes, this restaurant is a wonderful culinary experience for anyone visiting Bordeaux.

The chef’s interest in regional traditions and his creative spirit are evident in every dish. He uses a capuchin, an ancient utensil with a cast iron cone attached to a long rod, to melt pieces of bacon and flambée his scallops, lending them a slightly grilled and smoked taste. The tastefully refurbished dining room, complete with hardwood floors, moldings, and exposed stonework, makes for an intimate dinner setting.

Everything is carefully planned in a restaurant of this level, and the staff are meticulous in accommodating guests with allergies. The dedication to details, flavors, and colors on the plates creates a refreshing aura. Despite the high quality of the cuisine and service, the prices are reasonable and offer good value for the experience.

La Fine Bouche is the perfect place to enjoy the true beauty of French food and experience the passion and creativity of the chef.


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Son’ OfTheSon

The SON’ Oftheson is the extension of the SON’. A symbolic name, because Jahin Sindraye, the chef, was Sylvain Renzetti’s apprentice and then chef de partie at SON’s restaurant.

Inspired by the philosophy of achieving synergy, Young Chef makes creative and well-balanced dishes that truly are more than the sum of their parts. Son’ OfTheSon is a soothing, quiet space, an ideal ambient for stimulating imagination and nurturing body and spirit.

Try the invigorating La pluma de porc, rice vinegar, sesame, rutabaga, kale, and reduced juice.

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