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8 Fabulous and Crisp Malvazija Wines

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Photo credit: Meneghetti Winery

Nestled along the stunning Adriatic coastline, the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia has earned itself a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the finest wines in the world. Among these jewels is the renowned Malvasia Istriana (later in the text Malvazija) wine, which thrives in the region’s favorable climate and unique terroir. In this article, we will embark on a journey through the best fresh and crisp Malvazija wines, delving into their characteristics and the winemakers’ dedication behind these liquid gems.

Best refreshing Malvazija wines

Dating back to ancient times, Malvazija boasts a rich historical heritage that spans millennia.

Tracing its origins to the Venetian Republic, this grape variety has found a true home in Istria’s clay-rich and limestone soils, basking in the Mediterranean sun.

The wine crafted from this grape presents a delightful balance of fresh acidity and aromatic complexity, making it a perfect companion for seafood dishes and light summer fare.

Benvenuti Malvazija

A bottle of Benvenuti Winery Malvazija wine
Photo: Benvenuti, Malvazija

Benvenuti Winery embraces diversity, and their Benvenuti Malvazija is a tribute to the richness of the region’s vineyards.

Through skillful winemaking, this wine reveals a symphony of flavors, from zesty citrus to luscious tropical fruits.

Sourced from the terraced vineyards nestled nearly 400 meters above sea level, this well-rounded and beloved Malvazija enchants with its delightful notes of citrus, meadows, and grass, beautifully complemented by hints of elderberry, a touch of lemon, and a pinch of salt.

Its lingering finish leaves a satisfying mouthfeel, inviting wine enthusiasts to explore the intricacies of Istria’s terroir.

Indulge in the exquisite pleasure of a fresh, mineral-driven Malvazija wine boasting a persistent aroma and flavor.

Meneghetti Malvazija

A bottle of Meneghetti Winery Malvazija wine
Photo: Meneghetti, Malvazija

Meneghetti Winery, known for its luxurious estate and boutique winemaking approach, presents a captivating Meneghetti Malvazija wine.

Combining the finest grapes from carefully selected vineyards, their Malvazija with a touch of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay exudes finesse, with layers of white peach, pear, and a delicate floral bouquet.

The wine graces the glass with a luminous yellow hue, adorned with a subtle glimmer of green.

Immaculately clear and precise aromas open the scents of Mediterranean herbs that intermingle gracefully with the elegance of apricot, peach, and green apple, complemented by familiar whispers of acacia flower.

On the palate, it unveils a gentle, velvety texture, boasting a medium-bodied profile, while maintaining a perfect harmony between its acidity and alcohol content.

Ideally suited to accompany white fish starters, crabs, and white meat, this wine promises a delightful culinary experience.

Each sip of Meneghetti Malvazija embodies the essence of Istria’s terroir and the winemaker’s artistic vision.

Franković Malvazija

A bottle of Franković Winery Malvazija wine
Photo: Franković, Malvazija

Introducing the exquisite Malvazija Franković, a wine of unrivaled quality, exuding a mesmerizing golden-yellow hue.

As it swirls in the glass, its delightful aroma captivates the senses with a playful allure.

The aromatic profile opens with enticing notes of citrus, redolent of orange peel and peach, harmoniously interwoven with hints of pineapple and the classic Malvazian essence reminiscent of acacia flowers.

This perfectly balanced wine from Franković Winery graces the palate with an intense and enduring taste, culminating in a delightful peach aftertaste that lingers blissfully.

Its refreshing nature adds to the overall allure.

An ideal companion for culinary indulgence, it pairs impeccably with fish, seafood, and pasta dishes, elevating every dining experience to new heights.

Coronica Malvazija



A bottle of Coronica Winery Malvazija wine
Photo: Coronica, Malvazija

The Coronica Malvazija, presents one of the finest expressions of Malvasia Istriana.

This exceptional white wine boasts a delightful fusion of mineral and fresh elements, accompanied by the enticing aromas and flavors of yellow and stone fruits and the distinct essence of sage, characteristic of the Malvazija varietal.

Its rich mouthfeel is impeccably balanced with lively acidity, leaving a long-lasting aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

What sets these Malvazija apart is their remarkable ability to age gracefully, rendering them enjoyable and appealing even after many years of bottling.

Over time, proper aging elevates the wine’s profile with mineral and spicy nuances, while still preserving its inherent freshness and captivating aroma.

Malvazija from Coronica Winery truly stands as a testament to the extraordinary journey this wine embarks upon, making it a true delight for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Kozlović Malvazija

A bottle of Kozlović Winery Malvazija wine
Photo: Kozlović, Malvazija

Kozlović Malvazija, produced by the Kozlović family, epitomizes the harmony between tradition and innovation.

With their deep-rooted winemaking heritage, the Kozlović family embraces modern techniques to craft wines that capture the essence of Istria’s terroir.

Kozlović Malvazija displays a charming pale golden hue. Its youthful, vibrant minerality and subtle aroma dance on the palate, unveiling layers of white flowers, peaches, and luscious yellow fruits that dominate the bouquet.

Trapan Ponente

A bottle of Trapan Winery Ponente Malvazija wine
Photo: Trapan, Ponente Malvazija

Experience the essence of modernity in this crisp and drinkable Trapan Malvazija wine.

Refresh your senses with the invigorating citrus and green apple aroma, complemented by a subtle floral hint of Istrian meadow flowers and a beautifully rounded typical varietal scent.

As you savor the Trapan Winery wine, your palate will be treated to fruity-floral notes enriched by noble bitter almonds and a distinct salty minerality on the finish.

Perfectly suited for enjoyment on summer terraces or wine bars.

Vina Laguna Malvazija

A bottle of Laguna Winery Malvazija wine
Photo credit: Vina Laguna, Malvazija

This fresh and easy-drinking Vina Laguna Malvazija wine is meticulously crafted from grapes cultivated in the enchanting west Istria region and vineyards on renowned terra rosa (red soil).

With its juicy peachy aroma, accompanied by a hint of lemon zest, delicate floral notes, and distinctive minerality, this is the true, varietal Istrian Malvazija.

Pure, lively, and light, it dances on the palate, delivering a fruity and slightly salty taste, lingering on the tongue just long enough to anticipate the next sip.

This Vina Laguna Winery wine reigns as the absolute market champion this year in terms of its unbeatable price-to-quality ratio.

Many other Malvazija wines, and even wines of different varieties, fall short in comparison to the basic elegance of the Laguna.

Whether enjoyed in the shade by the sea, river, or lake, during the evening breeze after a sticky summer day in the city, paired with cold appetizers, pan-fried river fish, or white wine-infused mussels, this wine will reach its peak.

Medea Malvazija

A bottle of Medea Winery Malvazija wine
Photo credit: Medea, Malvazija

Medea Winery produced a true summer sipper.

The aromatic profile of Medea Malvazija, accentuated by the pleasant minerality, displays a harmonious blend of floral scents intertwined with the fruity essence of peach, citrus, and tropical fruits.

On the taste, this Malvazija is truly modern and pleasantly surprising.

A pleasing minerality complements its rich aromas, while the medium-bodied nature makes it exceptionally drinkable and refreshingly crisp.

This Malvazija is a splendid light wine, perfect as an aperitif, yet equally delightful when paired with a diverse array of dishes.

Suppose you’re seeking a delectable culinary pairing. In that case, we recommend serving Malvazija alongside pasta dishes with light sauces, mushroom risotto, grilled vegetables, chicken in creamy sauce, veal, various types of fish, or shellfish.


The journey through the best refreshing Malvazija wines has revealed the diversity, creativity, and dedication of Istrian winemakers.

From traditional expressions to innovative approaches, each bottle encapsulates the essence of Istria’s terroir and the passion of those who tend its vines.

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