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Pink Day festival celebrated its 10th anniversary

PINK DAY, the boutique festival dedicated to rosé wines, celebrated the significant milestone of its 10th edition this year with its richest program to date! 

Pink Day festival

Pink Day festival
Photo credit: Pink Day festival
Pink Day festival

The festival was founded and presided over by Sanja Muzaferija, a journalist, editor, and publicist, who stated, 

“Pink Day, besides being a festival of rosé wines, is also a tribute to the feminine energy, spring, and the beauty of life; a celebration of the pink view of a better world that we all hope for. 

And rosé wine is exactly like that: cheerful, vibrant – and a perfect choice for upcoming warmer days. Over the past ten years, the festival has promoted moderate, feminine consumption of wine. According to the winemakers’ recognition, PINK DAY has significantly contributed to the change of perception of rosé wines.

I am proud that we have contributed to giving rosé wines a completely new and much better reputation than it had before us. Of course, there is also our Green in Pink, which celebrates premium domestic extra virgin olive oils, and since last year, we have also introduced pink gins, tonics, liqueurs, cocktails, and more.”

More than 100 rosé producers

Pink Day festival
Photo credit: Pink Day festival

Like last year, the festival took place at Lauba: House for People and Art, with the participation of around 100 labels of rosé wines, along with the presence of the best Croatian producers of extra virgin olive oils.

The festival also featured interesting workshops and programs. Notably, a “Pink American West” workshop featured wines from the American West Coast unavailable on the Croatian market. 

There was also an engaging panel discussion dedicated to rosé wines from the eastern part of Croatia, titled “Pink Wine East: 10 Years Later,” powered by the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK), in honor of the progress of rosé wines in this region. 

The panel discussion was moderated by Morana Zibar, a “huntress,” and featured representatives from HAPIH, HGK, Kutjevo winery, and Papak winery. 

Masterclass and workshops

In addition, a masterclass on extra virgin olive oils was titled “Champion Oils of Istria and Dalmatia,” powered by JGL, led by Dr. Sc. Mirella Žanetić, a lecturer at the University of Split Lastly, there was a workshop on pink cocktails titled “PINK COCKTALIZATION,” powered by Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, designed by Vjenceslav Madić, “Master Kishoni.”

During the festival, limited edition t-shirts featuring the “Pink Girl” character were available for purchase. The festival partners also decorated their exhibition booths creatively, competing for the title of the most beautiful and creative booth, a festival tradition. 


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