Ivan Kovacevic

Selected Croatian craft beers (and their stories,) available at Wine&More

Croatian Craft beers have a reputation for being inexpensive when comparing them to others that are bought in this part of Europe. We take great pride in presenting their beers, and stories.

At Wine&more, you can try one of the best IPA’ in the Balkans, Nova Runda brewery’s C4. Nova Runda is one of the pioneers of the Croatian craft beer market. Intrigued? Check out how they started their #feelthehops movement. Also check out how Zeppelin brewery had a bunch of meerkats, a flamingo, raccoon, and a monkey join them on a zeppelin ride… ”and try the beers from the Zeppelin brewery.

Their comrades from Zmajska are into dragons and other cool and related stuff. They’ve created the best BA Russian Imperial Stout in the world. Medvedgrad is all about bears and local Zagreb heritage, and the longest tradition in making craft lager beers in Croatia. Bura Brew is the testament there’s more about Istria than wine. Read about the new Croatian breweries and try probably the best beers money can buy in this part of the globe!


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