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The Top 7 Must-Try Aged Malvasia Istriana Wines

Over the years, Istrian winemakers poured their hearts and souls into perfecting this exquisite wine. Their hard work has paid off with some seriously impressive awards from top international competitions. We were blown away by their dedication and talent and just had to share our top 7 aged Malvasia Istriana wines to show you how far they’ve come in unlocking the full aging potential of this remarkable varietal. 


Malvasia Istriana has undergone a remarkable transformation, both in the vineyards and in cellar production, which has really helped it to gain the ultimate popularity it deserves.

Around 20 years ago, the modern Istrian wine scene started to take shape, and the winemakers focused heavily on producing fresh Malvasia. They absolutely succeeded in branding the wine, and soon enough, Malvasia’s fame spread far beyond the borders of Croatia.

But it didn’t stop there. These talented winemakers recognized this variety’s potential from the beginning and started experimenting with aging it for a prolonged period.

Fast forward to today, and the results are awe-inspiring. These Istrian winemakers have spent years perfecting their Malvasia and have started to receive some seriously high-profile recognition. This is precisely what this selection is all about – showcasing just how far these Istrian winemakers have come. Let’s uncover some of the best-aged Malvasia wines.

Benvenuti Malvasia AD

Benvenuti Malvasia Anno Domini

Benvenuti winery is one of the most famous Istrian wineries. Nestled in the serene Istrian village of Kaldir, overlooking the breathtaking Motovun, the Benvenuti family aimed to create a distinguished brand of top-quality wines using the three native Istrian varieties – Istrian Malvasia, Teran, and Muscat. And they succeeded, producing wines that surpassed expectations.

Their Malvasia Istriana Anno Domini is a complex wine with pronounced minerality and full-bodied texture, exuding pronounced characteristics of the variety. The vineyards in Turkovo, situated 350 meters above sea level, are limited in yields, resulting in a truly exceptional wine.

Aged in oak barrels for 24 months, the Malvazija Anno Domini releases honey fragrances, followed by notes of dried apricots and yellow peaches. Smooth on the taste, this Malvasia leaves a lingering feeling of juiciness and creaminess.

Kozlović Malvasia Selection

Kozlović Malvasia Selection

Kozlović family’s unwaveringly committed to crafting the finest wines in Istria! From their dedication to tending their vineyards and wines, the Kozlović winery represents the epitome of excellence in Istrian winemaking.

Their philosophy is deeply rooted in their family’s history, where they have come together to cultivate the values of hard work, determination, and expertise. And the result? Their Malvasia Selection is a stunningly clean and impressive wine.

The palate is nothing short of exquisite, with crisp, bright, fresh notes that leave a subtle grip on the tongue. And as you savor the taste, the finish delivers an explosion of flavors that excite the senses, including zesty lime and herbal notes.

Franković Korona Sur Lie Malvasia

Franković Korona Sur Lie

Most Franković vineyards are located in Santa Lucia, stretching from Buje towards Brtonigla.

The grapes for Korona Malvasia wine were handpicked and harvested slightly later than usual, and the maceration lasted for three days before the fermentation began in stainless steel barrels.

Then, when 30% of the fermentation was complete, the wine was transferred to new French oak barrels, where it aged for ten months, leading to a beautifully structured wine. After fermentation, the wine was aged for ten months in French oak barrels, which gave it a round and refined finish. 

Its deep golden color hints at some maceration and aging in the wood. The aroma is vibrant, with floral, fruity, honeyed, and vanilla notes intertwined.

On the palate, it’s beautifully balanced, where richness and concentration are matched with excellent freshness and warmth. The wine finishes with a long-lasting sweetness, leaving a lingering impression. This wine has the potential to age for another five years, and it’s a true gem to enjoy now or save for later.

Coronica Gran Malvasia

Coronica Gran Malvasia

Imagine yourself standing amid the picturesque Istrian landscape, surrounded by the lush Coronica vineyards and vines thriving in the rich red soil – terra rossa. Coronica winery focuses on cultivating the highest quality grapes of Istrian indigenous varieties –  Istrian Malvasia and Teran.

They take pride in producing two distinct styles of Istrian Malvasia: a crisp and fresh one and an aged Malvasia Istriana that showcases the best features of this remarkable white variety. 

Gran Malvasia’s incredible aging potential sets it apart, allowing it to develop rich mineral and spicy notes over time while retaining its unique aroma and exceptional freshness.

With its hints of ripe apricots and peaches and delicate floral notes of acacia flower and pollen, this wine is truly one-of-a-kind and highly coveted among wine lovers and collectors.

Trapan Malvasia Uroboros

Trapan winery, Malvasia Uroboros

Bruno Trapan from Trapan winery is a winemaker fueled by a passion for wine. From humble beginnings in 2005, this family-owned winery now cultivates 12 hectares, cultivated ecologically sustainably.

Trapan’s vineyards thrive on shallow red soil full of minerals and bauxites. A powerful and unforgettable aged Malvasia of distinctive flavors that feature prominent notes of juicy peach, apricot, and crisp apple.

This wine creates a unique and indulgent oily sensation. Its delicate aroma of acacia wax, beautifully balanced with vanilla from oak barrels, is highlighted with a fragrant floral character.

Soft, pleasant, and highly drinkable wine combines grape variety and wood with an excellent balance and a long-lasting aftertaste. If you’re looking for an unparalleled wine experience, this wine is a perfect choice!

Meneghetti Black Label Malvasia

Meneghetti Black Label Malvasia

At Meneghetti, they view tradition as a link between the knowledge of different generations. To give real meaning to tradition, it must be preserved, developed, and enriched with modern knowledge.

Hence their desire to produce wines that reflect the character of Istria while at the same time transcending its boundaries. 

Meneghetti currently has 10 hectares of its vineyards in two locations. All the vineyards are cultivated ecologically sustainably, with deep respect for nature.

Alongside indigenous varieties, international grape varieties are also grown, to which the local terroir, distinctive soil, and surroundings full of Mediterranean flora add a special touch.

The limited Black Label Malvasia is a full-bodied wine with a medium-long aftertaste. Its aromatic profile opens up notes of peach, and yellow apple, with a hint of flowers. The acids are brilliantly integrated, providing the wine with freshness and longevity.

Clai Malvasia Sv. Jakov

Clai Malvasia Sv. Jakov

Giorgio Clai is the Istrian winemaker extraordinaire. When you ask him about his winemaking process, he’ll proudly tell you that he makes wine in the vineyard, not the winery. Clai is known as the pioneer of biodynamic viticulture. He uses organic grapes and avoids adding selected yeasts and sulfur to his wines.

Clai’s Malvasia is a masterpiece that defies convention. The wine is a gorgeous golden yellow in the glass, with a nose that is both mysterious and delicious.

Unlike other Malvasias in Istria, it is not fruit-forward but has a deep, earthy aroma. On the nose, it opens notes of dry hay, wet clay, dry figs, rosemary, and bay leaf. But the real magic happens when tasted. 

As you sip the wine, the initial sensation on your palate is its acidity, which expertly counterbalances the high alcohol content. The wine’s texture is slightly tannic and silky, with a noticeable minerality.

As you continue to savor it, the wine’s robust flavor bursts forth, enhancing the balance of the overall taste experience. The finish is moderately long, clean, and absolutely delicious, leaving a pleasant aftertaste that lingers in your mouth. In short, Clai’s Malvasia is a wine that you won’t forget anytime soon.


Are you ready to take your wine tasting to the next level? Why not spice things up and add more Malvasia Istriana wines? 

With an abundance of unique and delicious options carefully selected by our expert team, the possibilities for discovery are endless!



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