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5 Best Buy Croatian White Wines


Are you on the hunt for a Best Buy White wine, but tired of sifting through endless mass-produced options on supermarket shelves? We understand that a true wine lover seeks a wine that achieves the perfect harmony of flavours and aromas. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our top 5 white wines, which consistently deliver enviable quality at a value that exceeds their price.

We understand that some may hesitate when it comes to Croatian wines due to their reputation for being expensive and hard to get. However, as these wines gain popularity on the global market, limited production conditions can cause prices to rise. But fear not, our top 5 white wines from Croatia offer exceptional value and are consistently available.

These wines are not a one-hit-wonder but rather consistently achieve the perfect balance of flavours and aromas that we wine lovers crave. While you may be able to find wines with a slightly higher price point that offer even more character, finding 5 better white wines in Croatia for less money is a challenge. So treat yourself to a sip (or two) and experience the exceptional value that our top 5 white wines have to offer.


1. Dalmatian Dog Pošip

Pošip is rarely seen at very approachable prices. Due to higher demand than availability, Pošip is expected to be on the more expensive side of the restaurant wine list. Wines of this variety are among the most praised ones and most awarded in Croatia.

In addition, many of the best Pošip wines are from smaller family-owned vineyards grown at unique positions. Therefore, it is refreshing to see the 100% Pošip at a lower price point. 

Especially since this Pošip expresses all the aromatic splendour of the Mediterranean in the most refreshing way.

Lots of freshness is balanced with an ideal medium body and a sense of fullness in the mouth. Fruit character at first gradually reveals more vegetal and herbal aromas characteristic of Pošip.

Josić Graševina

2. Josić Graševina

One of the Croatian best-sellers is popular for a reason. Progression on the palate deepens with every sip bringing more and more of the apple&peach fruitness, as expected from fresh style Graševina wine. With time, a floral scent will develop, but wine will remain harmonious and easy to drink. Citrusy fresh, and crispy, a little bit tangy. 

Fresh style expression of Graševina is meant to be drunk young, but it will even improve with some time in the bottle, but generally it’s ready to drink and feel good. Seemingly simple, rather invigorating.

Laguna Malvazija

3. Vina Laguna Malvazija

It is a constant that never fails and always delivers what we can call the embodiment of clean & green Istrian Malvasia. The transparent bottle with a Stelvin screw cap is a universally accessible and reliable option in Croatia.

This is not a wine that will improve with ageing, but that’s not important with this wine. Everyone will want the chilled, sparkling freshness of young Malvasia. Each new sip confirms the previous one in the direction of citrus and gentle floral sensations, typical for Malvasia.

Ivan Katunar Žlahtina

4. Ivan Katunar Žlahtina

The epitome of young and refreshing white is Žlahtina. However, this doesn’t have to mean a lack of body and substance. On the contrary, Ivan Katunar makes Žlahtina in a modern way, smooth and easy to drink, but it feels firmer and more substantial.

The wine is a bright, clear, and shiny yellow colour in the glass. It is refreshing and lively on your tongue, with a juicy and delicious taste that is well-balanced. The aftertaste leaves a pleasant mineral flavour in the mouth. 

Despite its light character, it carries enough character to distinguish itself.


5. Vislander Cuvee

This is a recent label, created for the first time in the summer of 2022, but the wine of this kind has been enjoyed during the summertime on Vis for a long time ago. 

It drinks easily, but states longer than expected. Apart from refreshing moment there is also a firmness. Structurally, it doesn’t seem the wine could benefit from ageing, but it’s life cycle is probably longer compared to the previous four wines, except maybe Pošip.

And that’s the thing with Dalmatian whites. Even when made in fresh style, they show substance. A new hole is a pleasurable blend of local Kuč variety with a 15% Vugava added. Just for a necessary twist in otherwise versatile white refreshment.

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