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7 Iconic Food and Wine Pairings


When the flavor profile of your meal’s ingredients works in harmony with your wine, then the taste of both is elevated to absolute perfection. Although pairing wine with food may seem like art only the finest of sommeliers can master, it is accessible to everyone.

As a rule of thumb, always match the intensity. A spicy dish with attitude requires a powerful wine to equal it, and likewise, a simple, subtle dish is best served alongside a lighter wine.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party and want to dazzle your guests with perfectly paired wines, or just want to know if that Pinot works with your pepperoni pizza, we’ve curated some incredible food and wine pairings for every occasion.

1. The best wine for seafood… Riesling

From lobster and oysters to prawns and crab, if you’re preparing a shellfish dish, you can’t go wrong with a medium-bodied, acidic white like a Riesling. Zesty yet with residual sweetness, dry and off-dry Rieslings mimic the sweetness of the shellfish flesh while its crispness and purity balance everything out nicely.

We recommend: Bolfan Primus Riesling


2. The best wine for poultry… Chardonnay

Chardonnay is the classic pairing for chicken and turkey, and for good reason. This white wine variety is often made with a creamy texture that stands up well to poultry dishes, while its subtle oakiness enhances the flavor of the meat. Poultry can also be quite rich, so a Chardonnay with good acidity will help to cleanse your palate.

We recommend: Josić Chardonnay


3. The best wine for duck… Pinot Noir

Rich, aromatic, and fatty, duck is multidimensional meat that requires a complex wine to support its delicious nuances. Pinot Noir has enough zing and acidity to cut through the fat, but gentle fruity accords and a moderate intensity that aligns with the duck’s taste.

We recommend: Sontacchi Pinot Noir


4. The best wine for salads… Pinot Grigio

A light yet vivacious wine, Pinot Grigio enlivens delicate, fresh flavours so makes the perfect accompaniment to salads. Bursting with citrussy notes and a robust acidity, Pinot Grigio is bold enough to stand up to tart dressings, yet neutral enough to not overpower salad leaves and vegetables.

We recommend: Povratak Pinot Sivi


5. The best wine for a pepperoni pizza…. Sangiovese

Meaty, spicy, and salty-sweet pepperoni needs a wine with an attitude to stand up to its powerful flavors. Look no further than sublime, balanced, and structured medium-bodied Sangiovese. With fruity notes and high acidity, it’ll cut through the high-fat content of the pepperoni, while its dense, earthy notes support the paprika and chili spice of the meat.

We recommend: Bovin Sangiovese


6. The best wine for caviar and cold cuts… Champagne

Assertive on the palate, Champagne is an excellent match for the strong saltiness of the caviar. In fact, they’re a match made in heaven. As the pop of the caviar pearl reveals its unmistakable flavour, a hit of dry Champagne bubbles is both cleansings yet complementary. Most kinds of luncheon meat will also work well with Champagne, as will smoked salmon.

We recommend: Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvee, or less exuberantly priced sparkling wine made in Champagne method Jagunić Three Stars


7. The best wine for a roasted lamb… Cabernet Sauvignon

Oozing with richness and tannins, Cabernet Sauvignons goes great with most roasted red meat, lamb especially. With a whiff of peppery spice and lots of strong, juicy vibrancy, Cabs are an exuberant choice that pairs with the richness of the lamb, while bringing offering a pleasingly intense mouthfeel.

We recommend: Ritoša Cabernet Sauvignon


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