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7 Reasons To Love Teran

Image of a glass of red wine with a panoramic vineyard view
Photo: A glass of Teran with a panoramic vineyard and sea view

Wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs are always on the lookout for distinctive and exceptional wines that captivate the senses and tell the stories of their origins. Among the vast array of grape varieties found around the world, one gem stands out for its unique characteristics and rich history: Teran. Hailing from the picturesque Istrian peninsula, Teran has been a favorite among locals for generations and is now gaining attention and admiration from wine lovers across the globe. In this article, we’ll explore seven reasons why Teran deserves a place in your heart and wine cellar!

1. Ultimate expression of Istrian terroir

Image of vineyards on the red soil in Istria
Photo: Vineyards on Istrian terra rosa or red soil

Teran has deep roots in the Istrian peninsula. This indigenous grape variety has been cultivated in the area for centuries, earning its place as a symbol of regional identity and pride.

The diverse soils and climate of the Istrian peninsula contribute to the wine’s distinct character, making each bottle a unique representation of the terroir.

Teran as a robust wine that once fortified laborers with strength. Wild and idiosyncratic, much like the people of Istria, Teran demands double the effort compared to other grape varieties.

While Malvazija once served as Istria’s calling card, Teran is now poised to ascend to greatness, becoming the region’s flagship wine and Croatia as a whole.

2. Wine with the unmistakable flavor profile 

When you take your first sip of Teran, you’ll be struck by its bold and intense flavors.

It’s a fascinating grape variety known for its distinctive ruby-red color, revealing hints of purple when gently swirled in a glass.

Its aroma is refined, expressive, and easily recognizable, boasting a fruity character dominated by the delightful scent of dark berries, such as blackberries and blueberries, with hints of spices and earthy undertones.

With a relatively high content of total acids and a touch of bitterness, harmoniously combined with its rich extract, this wine offers a unique and robust flavor while maintaining a pleasing and well-balanced profile.

It’s vibrant acidity and firm tannins give Teran a full-bodied structure, potency, and impressive aging potential, making it an ideal companion for various cuisines.

3. Versatility in food pairing

Teran’s robust character allows it to stand up to a wide range of dishes, making it a versatile choice for food pairings.

Whether you’re enjoying a juicy steak, game meat, hearty pasta, or even grilled seafood, Teran can complement the flavors and enhance the dining experience.

Its refreshing acidity helps cut through rich and fatty foods, making it a favorite among sommeliers for pairing with diverse menus.

4. Health benefits and resveratrol in Teran

Image of polyphenols present in red wine and the health benefits of moderate red wine consumption
Photo credit: Polyphenols present in red wine and the health benefits of moderate red wine consumption from Beneficial Effects of Red Wine Polyphenols on Human Health: Comprehensive Review by Ivana Buljeta, Anita Pichler, Josip Šimunović and Mirela Kopjar

Thanks to its richness and a significant amount of polyphenols (tannins, anthocyanins), it is considered a healing wine.

Like many red wines, Teran contains resveratrol, a natural antioxidant found in grape skins, which, when consumed daily, has a beneficial effect on the digestive and circulatory systems, slowing down cholesterol formation and thus extending life.

This compound has been associated with various health benefits, including cardiovascular protection and anti-aging properties.

Furthermore, due to its high iron content (the terroir and soil influence!), Teran is suitable for individuals with anemia.

This wine’s intriguing combination of flavors and potential health benefits make it a fascinating choice for wine enthusiasts seeking both enjoyment and wellness.

Of course, moderation is essential, but enjoying a glass of Teran now and then might contribute to your well-being.

5. Versatile and exclusive wine

In the realm of wine competitions in Croatia and abroad, alongside Malvazija, Teran stands out as one of the most prized Croatian varieties.

Until a few years ago, the market and competitions predominantly featured moderately aged Teran. However, a noticeable shift is taking place, with an increasing presence of more mature and aged Teran.

In recent years, Istrian wineries have been releasing Teran wines aged for five years or more, revealing a new facet of this distinctive Croatian varietal.

Taming the wild nature of Istrian Teran has become a challenge embraced by numerous local winemakers, and their results have been nothing short of phenomenal.

As a result, Istrian Teran is gradually emerging in an entirely new light, mirroring the successful path that Malvasia Istriana embarked upon a decade ago.

Let’s explore some of the fascinating challenges that Istrian winemakers have used to enrich, modernize, and creatively elevate their traditional Teran, imbuing it with new quality and value.

One prominent winery is Kabola, renowned for its long-standing production of Malvasia in amphorae. Kabola ventured into producing Teran in amphorae as well.

Even Andrew Jefford, in his acclaimed Decanter column, took a special moment to highlight the brilliance of Gran Teran from Coronica Winery, recognizing Teran as an exhilarating grape variety and Moreno Coronica as its most exceptional interpreter.

A decade ago at the Vinistra workshop, the local audience was already mesmerized by the splendor of Teran while relishing a bottle of the 2000 Grand Teran.

For the esteemed Gran Teran, Coronica opted to abandon barrique barrels, opting instead to age his celebrated wine in large wood. His aim is clear—to express the true essence of tradition and terroir.

Removing barrique barrels allows the unique terroir and exceptional grapes he works with to be showcased in the most authentic manner, ensuring that every sip transfers the essence of the soil directly to the glass.

This dedication to quality and terroir expression sets Moreno Coronica and his wines apart, making them true gems of Croatian winemaking.

Another enterprising winemaker, Franco Cattunar, hailing from Nove Vasi near Brtonigla, achieved success with a Malvazija 4-terre project featuring red, white, black, and grey soil and stylishly different Malvasia wines coming from them.

Following this triumph, Cattunar has embarked on a new venture—his Teran project with four different soil types. Through this project, he not only produces four variations of Teran, each reflecting the unique characteristics of its terroir, but he also selectively harvests their native yeasts.

The world of Istrian Teran offers numerous possibilities and surprises. Klaudio Tomaz, a winemaker from Motovun, made history by producing the first white sparkling wine from Teran grapes, labeled as Pier.

This novelty has been capturing the hearts of wine enthusiasts for several months, leaving them intrigued by its uniqueness. Additionally, the Benvenuti Winery from Kaldir boasts a rare sweet wine made from Teran grapes—Teran San Salvatore—a true gem in Istria’s wine assortment.

In crafting their robust and complex red blends, where Teran plays an essential role, Istrian winemakers are increasingly experimenting with combining fresh and partially dried grapes.

This technique adds depth and complexity to the final product, showcasing the versatility of Teran and the winemakers’ mastery.

While wine production has been steadily increasing, Teran remains relatively scarce and exclusive.

Its limited availability adds to its charm, making it a hidden treasure for those who seek unique and lesser-known wines.

Embracing Teran means embracing a wine with a story and a sense of discovery.

6. Wine that embraces a cultural heritage

Image of aged Teran wines on Vintage by Vinistra wine tasting event
Photo credit: Vintage by Vinistra, aged Teran wine tasting

Appreciating Teran goes beyond just tasting the wine; it involves delving into the culture and traditions of the Istrian region.

The locals have a deep connection with this grape variety, and their passion for preserving their heritage is evident in every glass of Teran.

By savoring this wine, you become a part of this cultural journey and support the efforts to keep ancient winemaking traditions alive.

7. Wine that uncovers new horizons

For adventurous wine lovers who have explored the classic wine regions, Teran offers an opportunity to venture into new and exciting territory.

By trying lesser-known wines like Teran, you expand your palate and deepen your understanding of the diverse world of wine.

Teran’s exceptional quality is sure to inspire Istrian winemakers to explore more creative and inspired possibilities for this wine.

This variety is destined for extended aging, providing wine lovers a new reason to catch up with this evolving wine story.

As we witness its transformation from a regional treasure to a wine cherished worldwide, we should raise our glasses to Istria’s winemakers who continue to shape the future of Teran, captivating our palates with their innovative and exceptional creations.


In conclusion, thanks to the efforts of Istrian winemakers, Teran has managed to retain its essence since its inception, showcasing itself as a sensational, almost timeless wine.

With each sip, this wine invites you on a journey through time, carrying the story of Istria’s winemaking heritage and the unwavering dedication of its vintners.

Once unimaginable for a wine with such longevity, Teran has even managed to deceive the most experienced sommeliers with its enduring and equisite character.

And as newer vintages emerge, they showcase the accumulated effort, experience, and skillful touch of the winemakers, crucial in the development of this extraordinary grape.

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