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Breaking news: World’s best Malvasia hails from an unexpected region

The wine industry was buzzing with excitement as Vinistra’s evaluation results were revealed! 


Champion titles were won by renowned winemakers and by a lesser-known Istrian winery. But the biggest surprise came with announcing the Best in Show Malvasia! 

Vinistra 2023 wine competition results

The World of Malvasia wine competition

The results from Vinistra’s international wine and strong alcoholic beverages competition arrived! The 14th World of Malvasia evaluation, to which as many as 700 samples arrived, and the best were decided by 90 evaluators from 17 countries, proved to be one of the most exciting regional wine competitions.

“All records were broken. 30 percent more samples arrived in Poreč than last year, 317 Malvasias from seven countries, 325 other wines, and 58 strong alcoholic beverages. More and more winemakers, especially Malvasia producers, have recognized the exceptional quality of the Vinistra competition. I would like to congratulate all the winners on the excellent work done in the vineyard and the cellar,” said Luka Rossi, the president of Vinistra, the association of winegrowers and winemakers of Istria.

Vinistra organized the 29th Vinistra in Poreč from May 5 to 7, and a week later, from April 11 to 14, the prestigious world competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles will be held.

Young Malvasia wine winner

The Kadum winery from the Poreč wine-growing sub-region has been awarded the champion title for its fresh Malvasia. The winery’s young Malvasia Istriana showcases a playful, medium-bodied wine bursting with floral, herbal, and citrus aromas.

Aged Malvasia wine winner

The World of Malvasia wine competition

Sonata Riserva vintage 2020 from Rovinj’s Dobravac winery is the champion in the category of aged Malvasia. Malvasia with a deeper golden color, complex nose, and taste. The fragrance is dominated by wood and ripe, compote-like stone fruit aromas. 

A full body, the sweetness of ripe fruit, and abundant spicy aromas from the wood characterize the taste. Aged in French barrels, the wine has an intense aftertaste, with a touch of bitterness at the very end. The Malvasia Istriana from this excellent Rovinj winery can age for at least ten years.

Young Teran wine winner

The Fakin winery from Motovun wine-growing sub-region won the championship title with the young Teran from the 2022 vintage. Full and strong-bodied wine with a flavor and nose of forest fruits. Its pronounced acidity and tannins give it roundness and a long aftertaste. Ideal for longer aging.

Aged Teran wine winner

The Benvenuti winery won the championship title in the mature, aged Teran category with their latest creation, the Teran Livio Benvenuti wine from the 2019 vintage. This wine is the successor of their previous Anno Domini Teran label

The competition featured six finalists, four hailing from the Motovun wine-growing sub-region, showcasing the area’s dominance in Teran wines production. The Benvenuti and Tomaz wineries were represented by one wine each, while the Fakin winery had two wines in the final tasting.

Best in Show in the World of Malvasia competition

The World of Malvasia wine competition

The Slovenian winery Jogan from Pobeg won the championship title among fresh Refošk wines, while the biggest surprise for many is the Best in Show title at the 14th Malvasia World. 

Interestingly, the title of Best in Show in the World of Malvasia competition was won by the Italian winery Cantine Colossi from Sicily, with the sweet wine Passito Na’jm 2020 vintage made from the Malvasia di Lipari variety. 

In accordance with the continuous improvement of quality at Vinistra’s evaluation over the past few years, a minimum of 90 points is required for a gold medal. 

Since last year, Vinistra’s evaluation has also received a platinum category for all wines with a minimum of 95 points.

At the 14th World of Malvasia competition, two wines from Vižinada wine-growing sub-region and one from Madeira were awarded platinum medals:

  • Pilato winery Malvasia Sur Lie from the 2019 vintage, 
  • Deklić winery aged Malvasia from 2020, and 
  • Justino’s Madeira Malvasia Colheita 2009 vintage from Portuguese Madeira.

Of the other wines, in addition to Benvenuti’s Muscat San Salvatore from the 2017 vintage, platinum medals were awarded to three more Refosco wines, one from Istria and two Slovenian ones: 

  •  2020 vintage Refosco from the Prelac winery from Momjan,
  •  Santomas 2020 vintage, Santomas wine cellars from Šmarje and
  •  Capris Refosco Vinakoper, also from the 2020 vintage.

Aura distillery won Platinum in the category of strong alcoholic beverages for Fernet Amaro 78 from Buzet. 

The medals to the producers will be awarded on the eve of the 29th of Vinistra, on Wednesday, May 3.


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