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The Glittering Delight: Salon of Sparkling Wine in Zagreb, Croatia

Step into a world of effervescent enchantment as the 6th Salon of sparkling wines unfolded on a picturesque Friday, June 2, 2023. The grand hall of the Maksimir restaurant, nestled amidst lush greenery, played host to 25 exceptional exhibitors from Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. 

With great fervour, they unveiled their prized creations to a gathering of passionate wine lovers and connoisseurs. As if touched by magic, the clouds gracefully parted, defying the predicted downpour, while the captivating melodies of Elma & Admir from the Filmmusic orchestra filled the air, creating an irresistible ambience.

An extraordinary sight awaited attendees—a magnificent ice sculpture pedestal proudly displaying Croatia’s finest sparkling wines. Among them, the Kopjar Rosé, Josipović Jazz, and Pavlomir’s 1288 tantalised the senses and invited admiration.Salon-of-Sparkling-Wines-Terrace

Each winemaker showcased more than two labels, ensuring an impressive array of bottles adorned the sparkling party—an absolute delight for all bubble enthusiasts.

But this event wasn’t just about indulging in the delightful bubbles. Beyond the standard tasting at the exhibition sites, visitors had the privilege to attend two enlightening workshops, further exemplifying the Salon of Sparkling Wines’ commitment to education and responsible indulgence.

Salon of sparkling wine workshops

The first workshop, aptly named “Sparkling Meeting in a Glass: Croatia & Slovenia,” was guided by the distinguished organisers, PhD. Nina Levičnik, the visionary founder of the Salon of Sparkling Wines network, and the esteemed Prof. Marija Vukelić, the director of the Zagreb Sparkling Wine Salon. They emphasised the profound influence of the glass from which sparkling wine is savoured. Salon-of-Sparkling-Wines-Hall

For this occasion, the renowned Riedel Malvasia Istriana glass was chosen, ingeniously accentuating the intricate aromas of these effervescent elixirs. As the participants engaged in a captivating blind-tasting and lively wine discourse, they eagerly attempted to discern the origins of the esteemed vintages.

The second workshop, titled “Guess the Method: Charmat or Traditional,” presented an opportunity to taste sparkling wines from both methods without bias. In a mesmerising display of expertise, the Royal Hill Estate winery from the Danube sub-region and the esteemed Degrassi from Istria shared their winemaking techniques, revealing the nuanced differences and surprising similarities between these distinctive approaches.

Zagreb Salon of sparkling wines – Mission accomplished

The Salon of Sparkling Wines Zagreb showcased an astonishing variety of assortments hailing from diverse regions where these bubbly wonders are lovingly crafted. It captivated an audience with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a passion for bubbles, and a genuine desire to explore further. Salon-of-Sparkling-Wines-Vislander

The event also announced the upcoming rendezvous in Ljubljana, where the 9th Salon of Sparkling Wines awaits on June 9, 2023. We extend a warm welcome to all who cherish the effervescent world of sparkling wines.

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