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Make this Winelentine’s day special: Fall in love with Croatian wines! And more :)

Valentine’s won’t make you fall in love – we will 🙂 Perhaps not in that significant other. That’s entirely up to you. But we can make you fall deeply for a significant wine. And that never hurt any romance 😉

We’ve rounded up some tasty wines that are sure to make your Valentine swoon. Fall in love with gentle Malvasia made in amphorae and powerful, balanced Merlot from Slovenia. Talk about uniting the unjoinable? Taste this romantic take on the classic Valentine’s day dinner we conveniently named “You had me at Merlot.

Perfect Valentine girl
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It doesn’t matter if you prefer white or red wine – all that matters is that you love each other! And both white and red, of course. A Single Vineyard white from Griffin Winery brings cheers to that special person in your life, and for the starcrossed lover, organic Zweigelt brings a juicy sip full of flavour. We call this the “Wine-ing for you effect for a more passionate approach.

When a sparkling devotion combines the prestige bubbles of Pinot Noir vinified as white wine with the famous “your blood and mine” red Bordeaux blend grown in Dalmatia, that’s when we say, “You make my Heart Bubbly”.

You can both be passionately red but belong to two different worlds, just like Plavac and Refosco. If together, you make each other complete, there is no red wine dish that you can’t wash down with either Refosco or Plavac. The aged tannins of Plavac and the balanced freshness of Refosco are the perfect combinations for a valentine’s day hearty meal. It’s what we call a Couple’s Reserve.

You’re the Zin to my Life?

Bring some humour to Valentine’s Day with this knock-out combo of two sizzling reds from the land of sun and sea, Dalmatia! This fruity and plump Tribidrag grape (Zinfandel) and an action-packed Plavac from the island of Vis will bring you and your love bunny closer than ever before. So don’t be surprised if Cupid starts taking notes!

Wine-ing up the romance

Ready to stir the pot on Valentine’s Day? This daring duo of Merlot & Cabernet blend on one side and Pinot Noir on the other is here to shake things up! Straight from the heart of Slavonia, these two wines aren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers. If you’re ready to break the rules and cause a little trouble, this is the combo for you! Just don’t blame us if your significant other starts questioning your wine choices.

Love’s Lullaby

Valentine dog
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

“Love’s Lullaby” with Vintage Rose and famous Dingač. Can these two bold personalities bring harmony to Valentine’s Day? Absolutely! The unique charm of Vintage Rose and the uncompromising nature of Dingač promise a rich interplay in their never-ending love story.

Pull that cork out and release the rose bubbles in the air to celebrate the occasion. Finish smooth with mouth-filling Cuvee Superior, full-bodied and aromatic. Now you’re ready to write a love poem. We suggest the title is to be: Cork-ing up the love.

Have a taste of this Rose made from Babić variety, full of freshness and aroma. Then, just as you start thinking what could be better than that, try another sip of wine made out of a peculiar female-flowering variety, Blatina…Sip it to Believe it.

If all these love potion recipes don’t do the trick, you’ll still have plenty of wine left to cheer you up—Valentine’s or not.


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