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Get the beer case for the true fan

Get the beer case for the true fan

Bored of half-empty stadiums? Missing the roar of the crowd? Or just in desperate need of a beer with friends?

Well, don’t wine about it. Or should we say, don’t be(er) sad about it? Get the special case of 22 (yes-twenty-two) Croatian craft beer instead, and gather your fan crew at home.


If you are more of a solo player, get the essential case of 16 Croatian craft beer and make yourself at the stadium


The glory days will come again. Until then, you’ll and your mates will be fine creating a buzz about the big game at home. As long as there’s a can or a bottle of craft beer available. And these cases contain pretty much the best of the Croatian craft beer available. The bitter-sweet Zeppelin Flamingo – American Amber Ale, naughty barley wine Primarius Krampus, explosive C4 IPA, or a classic British style dark ale – Zmajska Porter to name a few. This ultimate beer case makes you want to become a sports fan, just to order it. The good news, we don’t have a police department to check your cheering skills. So get it now and don’t be(er) sad about it later. fan case

If you somehow managed to avoid all this mess, congrats! You are a lucky one. Take a look at the rest of our special wine cases. If you don’t resonate with the rest of our stories, we will be glad, but the liquid treasure inside, that’s very easy to relate to.

Check out our other cases! 


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