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Croatian Wine Takes Center Stage in Iconic Wine Magazine!

Image of Decanter guide to Croatian wines
Photo credit: Decanter guide to Croatian wines

Decanter, the world’s most renowned wine magazine, has recently published a dedicated guide to Croatian wines. With a history of almost fifty years, Decanter is uniquely positioned as Europe’s most influential wine and wine-lifestyle media brand. Decanter offers various services including a print and digital magazine, wine-tasting events, a news website, and a subscription service known as Decanter Premium. Additionally, they host the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) which receives over 18,000 wine samples from all over the world each year. These special features are sold alongside the regular monthly issues of this London-based magazine.

Throughout its illustrious existence, Decanter has been graced with contributions from some of the most significant wine experts in modern history, including

  • Michael Broadbent,
  • Steven Spurrier,
  • Serena Sutcliffe,
  • Hugh Johnson,
  • Jancis Robinson,
  • Stephen Brook,
  • Michel Bettane,
  • Thierry Desseauve,
  • Andrew Jefford, among many others.

Over the past fifteen years, Decanter has produced special editions as separate magazines with distinct covers, focusing on various wine-producing countries or regions.

These special features are sold alongside the regular monthly issues of this London-based magazine.

Croatia 2023: A Decanter guide to the wines, regions, and styles

Image of Decanter special edition of a guide to Croatian wines with vineyard in the background
Photo credit: Decanter, Croatia 2023: A Decanter guide to the wines, regions and styles

The latest special feature in Decanter is dedicated to Croatia and is titled “Croatia 2023: Decanter guide to the wines, regions, and styles.”

The driving force and author behind this project are Caroline Gilby, a Master of Wine from England and a specialist in the Croatian and Slovenian wine scene.

The cover of “Croatia 2023” proudly displays the signatures of Vinistra and the Croatian Tourist Board.

The publication of this special Decanter guide for Croatian wines is a fantastic move to enhance Croatia’s visibility as a wine-producing nation in international professional circles.

It’s worth noting that Decanter’s print circulation is relatively small, and access to its online edition is partially restricted, which means the magazine primarily reaches a niche audience.

Nevertheless, the Decanter feature on Croatia encompasses all four Croatian wine regions.

Decanter Wine Salon in Istria announced

Image of a Vinistra wine festival in Poreč
Photo: Vinistra wine festival in Poreč

Moreover, an exciting development awaits as Decanter, in collaboration with Vinistra wine assocciation, plans to organize a Wine Salon in Istria next July.

Vinistra, the association of vine growers and winemakers from Istria, will host a special Decanter tasting event, showcasing all of Croatia’s award-winning wines from the Decanter competition.

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With each passing year, the number of Croatian wines receiving recognition from Decanter has been steadily increasing.

The Wine Salon promises to attract some of the most esteemed wine experts from around the world, further promoting Croatia’s flourishing wine scene.

While the exact date and location of the salon are yet to be announced by Vinistra, it’s already certain that next summer, the crème de la crème of the wine world will once again delight in our beautiful country.

It’s worth mentioning that Decanter often dedicates considerable attention to Istria, with articles primarily authored by the wine connoisseur Caroline Gilby.

While acknowledging that all four Croatian wine regions attract attention, Gilby places a special focus on Istria.

Therefore, selecting Istria as the ideal location for such a prestigious salon comes as no surprise, considering Vinistra’s dedicated efforts in promoting the domestic wine scene.

As a journalist, wine judge, and Master of Wine, Gilby has closely followed the development of Istria’s flagship indigenous variety, Malvasia Istriana. In an interview, she once remarked,

“The quality of production for this variety has tremendously advanced, and I am continually impressed by its potential to offer diverse styles, from light, crisp and refreshing wines perfect for seaside sipping to more complex, aged ones.”

Another local indigenous variety that captured Gilby’s attention is the Teran, which she describes as capable of being both a beauty and a beast. She writes,

“Premium modern versions are a deep purple with juicy aromas of raspberry and blueberry, coupled with remarkable freshness. In aromatic, deeply colored rosés, you will discover an abundance of vibrant, fruity flavors.”

Alongside the native Malvasia Istriana and Teran, Gilby also highlights other Moscato varieties, such as indigenous Muscat Momjanski and Muscat Rose of Poreč, and she touches on the significance of Merlot, quoting an Istrian winemaker who believes that it can bring Istria to the wine “Champions League.”

Vinistra celebrates its 30th anniversary

Vinistra is also gearing up to celebrate its 30th anniversary next year.

Luka Rossi, the president of Vinistra, expressed his delight with the independent perspectives of the article’s authors and their appreciation of Istria’s wines, as well as other Croatian wine regions.

He proudly acknowledges that Malvasia and Teran have become synonymous with Istria, establishing the peninsula as an attractive wine destination with numerous Decanter awards.

Furthermore, he announced a spectacular celebration for the 30th anniversary of Vinistra and the annual exhibition, to be traditionally held at the Žatika Hall in Poreč from May 10th to 12th.

International recognition for Croatian wines

In conclusion, Decanter’s special guide to Croatian wines is a significant milestone for the country’s wine industry.

It provides a valuable opportunity for Croatian wines to gain international recognition and opens doors to new possibilities in the global wine market.

With the upcoming Decanter Wine Salon in Istria, Croatia’s wine heritage is poised to shine brightly on the world stage and will surely continue to captivate wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike with its rich and diverse offerings.

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