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Extra virgin olive oil: your quest for ideal gift ends here


We love gifts because they say someone is thinking of us, wants to surprise us, cheer us up or simply say thank you. The attention that pleases us, the gift and the feeling that someone thinks we deserve adds to the holiday memories cherished for years to come. 

Big, small, innovative, classic, occasional or current inspiration. They are always welcome. However, we all have that one person, who is impossible to shop for. Solve your gifting fears and surprise them with an extraordinary experience ready to please every gourmand. 

Dazzle them with an indulgent splash of extra virgin olive oil because:

  1. They are healthy
  2. Ideal companion for festive foodie treats
  3. Exclusive gift with a story

As the holiday season is knocking on our doors, most of us fall into a gifting frenzy, where feasting on your holiday favorites takes center stage. Ideal beginning to a deluxe and decadent Christmas tasting indulgence is opening a bottled gift – which is also good for your health and guaranteed to elevate your tasting buds’ memories.

Award-winning top-quality oils that are so niche to be produced on small family farms in limited quantities and filled to the bream with unique flavors is just perfect for entertaining at home or as an experiential memento for selected business partners.

Either way, it belongs under everyone’s Christmas tree.

Bottle of top-quality extra virgin olive oil makes every occasion into a festivity of tastes making every intimate gathering memorable, epic and above all unique, which makes it the right Christmas selection for the holidays and beyond.  You simply can’t go wrong. 

Christmas-decorationWe are here to make your hunt for gifts easier, personalized, and effortless to select from a wide range of varietal oils.

In order to choose which olive oil suits you best, read on about the varieties and get inspired.

Varietal extra virgin olive oil

Buža is the most widespread domestic variety in Istria. It has a numerous synonyms: burgaca, morgaca, domaća, gura.

The quality of the oil is excellent whether you harvest it at the very beginning of the yellowing of the fruit or when the tanning ends.

If the fruit is still yellow then it gives an excellent oil of pleasant bitterness and pronounced spiciness. If the fruit is darker at the time of harvest, then it gives a sweet fruity oil aroma and without a more pronounced aroma. Perfect for gourmet adventurers and gastronomads.

Istarska bjelica grows in the whole of Istria and Kvarner and is one of the most resistant varieties to low temperatures and wind. During ripening, the fruit changes color from light yellow-green to reddish with a purple tinge.

This indigenous Istrian variety gives a recognizable oil with a fresh scent of green olive fruit. The oil is excellent and is recognizable by its spiciness and bitterness. Ideal for both classy and traditional Christmas occasions. 

Carbonaca, carbonera or crnica are mostly grown in the southern part of Istria. It is an old autochthonous Istrian variety that has been revitalized in recent decades. The fruits grow in clusters and are easy to pick, and if the harvest is not done on time, the fruits shrink and do not fall off.

This variety gives a lot of oil that is extremely spicy and bitter and has the smell of olive fruit. Suitable for history buffs and heritage lovers with a weakness for supreme ingredients. 

Oblica is resistant to drought, wind and low temperatures, and it is also suitable for sparse soil because it is adaptable to various terrains.

It gives an oil that is characterized by the scent of ripe olive fruit and has a mild spiciness and bitterness and pronounced sweetness. Gift that perfectly echoes a message of comfort and hope ready to conquer even the toughest of ‘life terrains’. 

Rošinjola has a number of synonyms: rosinjola, rušinjola, rosulja, rožinjola, rovinjka, rovinježa, rovinješka.

You can choose the one you like best! It is mostly grown in the vicinity of Vrsar, Rovinj, Bale and in the area of ​​Vodnjan. Its fruits grow in clusters on twigs, and the oil has an intense aroma, spicy taste and moderate bitterness. Whatever the name, it is an ideal substitute for socialites that dream of big parties, and interesting company. chocolate-brownie

Olive oil and food pairing

We advise you to pay attention to the aroma and strength of the oil when pairing olive oil and food.

Mild oils go best with fish, salads or as an addition to ready meals, while spicier ones match best with stronger dishes. For example, revamp bitter vegetables such as radicchio and rocket, ripe cheeses and bitter chocolate desserts with Istrian bjelica

For desserts and cakes, Oblica goes best

Check out our offer of extra virgin olive oils and stop that quest for the ideal gift. Just open the door to our luscious larder, and we will take you on an olive oil journey which is guaranteed to find a special something for a special someone. No need for the Christmas cards or notes, as our olive oil selection reads like a novel, speaks volumes, and conquers every heart.

To top it off, purchasing on our website, you are not just getting a memorable gift, but also doing a very good deed – supporting Croatian businesses in these unprecedented times. Buying our products that are 100% Croatian, wins not just hearts of your loved ones, but also the hearts of authentic Croatian businesses and olive oil makers. Nothing says Christmas quite like that. 

Happy holidays!


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