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ŠkrletOvo party – Wine party that calls for summer

Škrlet is indigenous Croatian grape variety, planted in Moslavina, continental part of Croatia. Wines produced are flirty with gentle flower signature and refreshing citrus notes, light bodied just perfect for sipping all summer long.

Skrletovo Party Summer Wine

The Association of Škrlet Moslavina gathers 8 producers that focus on the Škrlet grape variety, grown only in Moslavina. Together, winemakers introduce a quality label to the market that ensures each consumer, quality, and style defined by the wine association.

The best Škrlet of the 2018 vintage comes from a Voštinić-Klasnić winery

Every year, the winemakers from the Škrlet Moslavina association, vote for the best wine of each vintage. This year, winery Voštinić – Klasnić won the title.

The best Šrklet
Voštinić-Klasnić from 2018 vintage

Young winemaker Tomislav Voštinić produces Škrlet in 6 different styles. From the old vines, longer maceration to the late harvest. All of them can be tasted is modern designed Voštinić Klasnič winery.

A wine that is treasured far from where it’s made, Dalmatian restaurants discovered how amazingly well Škrlet is paired with typical summer food, light salads, pasta and seafood of course. But it is far from only a summer wine, winery Ilovčak presented wines from 2017.

This weekend – Time for ŠkrletOvo party

The biggest party dedicated to Škrlet, a perfect introduction into the long, warm days that are coming. ŠkrletOvo party will be held this weekend, 13th April in Ivanić Grad.

Skrletovo 2019

The party gathers 8 winemakers and unlimited tasting of the exhibited wines, for the entrance fee of 80 HRK (approx. 11 EUR). DJ Pepi Jogarde will take care of the music, so prepare to stay longer than you initially planned.

The youngest will also have a special programme as a part of ŠkrletOvo, so don’t hesitate to make this party family.

For more info, visit ŠkrletOvo 2019 event page here.

For all of us dreaming of the summer to start, a trip to Moslavina is the perfect way to ease yourself into the mood. See you there.

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