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Breaking News: Two Croatian Graševina Wines Among World Finest!

In the GROW du Monde this years competition, the finest world Graševina wines were selected!

Croatia takes home two trophies, three platinum medals, and 25 gold medals.

GO GROW du Monde wine event

Photo: GO GROW du Monde

Osijek recently hosted a conference highlighting the importance of Graševina wine in both the Croatian and international markets. The event, known as the GO GROW wine manifestation, brought together over 30 internationally recognized wine experts and journalists.

During the course of the event, they had the opportunity to explore the vineyards of Slavonia and the Croatian Danube region. Furthermore, they evaluated more than 200 samples of Graševina wine from Croatia and abroad.

Taking place from June 13th to 17th, 2023, the GO GROW wine event emerged as a collaborative effort between the GROW du Monde international evaluation of Graševina wines and the GO conference on Graševina.

This amalgamation aimed to create an immersive experience that showcased the significance of Graševina on a global scale.

The conference in Osijek served as a platform for in-depth discussions about the current state and future potential of Graševina wines in the Croatian market.

Additionally, it addressed the wine’s growing popularity and recognition on an international level. The presence of esteemed wine experts and journalists added credibility to the event, attracting attention from wine enthusiasts and professionals alike.

One of the main highlights of the GO GROW wine manifestation was the guided tours of the renowned vineyards in Slavonia and the Croatian Danube region.

The participants had the opportunity to witness firsthand the unique terroir and winemaking techniques employed in these regions, contributing to the exceptional quality of Graševina wines.

Moreover, the event included a comprehensive wine-tasting session, where the experts and participants evaluated and compared more than 200 samples of Graševina wines. This extensive selection showcased the wine’s diversity and versatility, highlighting its various styles and expressions.

The GO GROW wine event aimed to promote Graševina wines and to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among wine professionals from different countries.

The presence of international experts provided a platform for networking and sharing best practices, ultimately elevating the standards of Graševina production and promoting its global reputation.

The significance of GO Grow du Monde

GO GROW event emerged as a fusion of GROW du Monde, the international assessment of Graševina wine, and the GO Graševina wine conference. The concept of branding Graševina through a dedicated competition for this grape variety was initiated by a trio of wine journalists from Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary.

Saša Špiranec, co-founder of Grow du Monde explained:

“Although Graševina is the most prevalent grape variety in Croatia, few people outside the countries that produce it are familiar with it. In terms of quality, it is exceptionally high in Croatia, which gives Graševina significant export potential due to its favorable price-to-quality ratio. We need to promote Graševina in target markets, which requires continuous education and familiarizing the audience with the specific characteristics of this grape.”

He emphasized that the countries with the highest wine consumption but the lowest production, such as the Benelux countries, northern European countries, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, are the target markets.

Igor Luković, co-founder of GO GROW from Serbia, said:

“The impressions from eastern Croatia are excellent. We are in the heartland of Graševina, and I’m delighted that GO GROW is organized here. Our desire is to convey a message about the quality and potential of a variety that has long been underrated. That’s why we launched GO GROW, aiming to change the perception of the wine industry and consumers, not only locally but globally.”

Zoltan Gyorffy, co-founder of GO GROW from Hungary, stated:

“We have had several exceptionally successful days in the Slavonian vineyards, participating in excellent workshops and presentations in wine cellars. During the assessment, Graševina showcased its qualities and diversity, and there were also many surprises.”

Following the grand announcement of the award-winning wines, all visitors at the Economic Center of Osijek-Baranja County had the opportunity to taste the evaluated wines.

GROW du Monde awarded Graševina wines

Photo: GO GROW du Monde wine competition

The second edition of the traveling international competition dedicated to Graševina grape variety was held this year in Kutjevo.

In the category of young Graševina wines, the trophy for the best went to

  • Zámecké vinařství winery in the Czech Republic for their wine Ryzlink vlašský ZVB 2022 vintage.

Two trophies went to Croatia for amber and archive wine.

 In the category of aged Graševina wines,

  • the best wine comes from Iločki podrumi winery, specifically the Graševina archive wine 2008 vintage.

In the category of amber Graševina wines, the winner is

  • Kutjevo Winery with the Graševina Koria 2018 vintage.

The best sweet wine made from Graševina comes from Austria, produced by

  • Sattlerhof Winery, named Welschriesling Trockenbeerenauslese 2017.

Lastly, in the category of sparkling Graševina wines, the trophy for the best went to Serbia for the wine

  • Dina Brut 2020 vintage from Vinum Winery.


In conclusion, the GO GROW wine manifestation in Osijek was a significant gathering for wine professionals and enthusiasts, emphasizing the importance of Graševina wines in the Croatian and international markets.

Through vineyard tours, wine tastings, and expert discussions, the event successfully highlighted the unique qualities and potential of Graševina, contributing to its continued growth and recognition worldwide.

Events like this contribute to branding Slavonia as a wine and gastronomic destination, enhancing the visibility of eastern Croatia as a tourist hotspot.

Judging by the impressions of the GO GROW conference participants, including wine journalists, bloggers, oenologists, and sommeliers, the voice of Graševina will resonate far and wide.

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