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In the Embrace of the Danube, Grapevine and a Woman – Antunović Winery


Rarely does the slogan describe the unique identity with such accuracy. These three features of the Antunović winery really stand out.

A female-owned and run winery

Antunović is truly the first Croatian winery established, owned and run by a woman. Jasna Antunović Turk is the author of every wine, from planting the vineyards to bottling. She is driven by a tireless desire to achieve her true vocation and the potential of the Erdut vineyards.

Shaped by the river

The Erdut vineyards are embraced by the Danube River. The mighty Danube surrounds this pocket of land on all sides except the west. Erdut is almost like a river island, with fertile and loose soil thanks to the fluvial influence. Jasna Antunovic - Antunović Winery

Highly favorable conditions for planting are also provided by a beneficial distribution of rainfall and sunshine. Many are surprised to find out that the total number of sunny hours in the north-east Croatia is similar to the hours of sun on south Dalmatian islands.

Wines all around

Instead of the sea, an endless green space stretches across the horizon, full of vineyard slopes and plains. White and red varieties alike. Here, in the Danube sub-region, wine growing is a well-established tradition. Antunović Winery cellar

The only thing sticking out is a woman in charge of growing vines and making wine. Jasna is in charge not because she inherited an obligation to this land or an old family tradition, but because she fell in love with it, pursuing her true vocation every day.

Jasna Antunović is responsible for the Best in Category – Platinum awarded Graševina (Welschriesling) at Decanter 2017 Awards. A few remaining bottles of the legendary 2013 vintage are sold at much higher prices today. 

Antunović boutique winery

Unlike many wineries of the Danube sub-region, Jasna Antunović believes in premium wines produced in smaller quantities. The average yield ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 kg per vine, much less compared to others.

But it actually means much more. It enables the development of the finest fruit on the 7 hectares of cultivated land, with the grapevine protection and fertilization following the principles of organic production. A gradual transition to pure organic production is ongoing, and the results are showing.Grand Selection Antunović Winery

Forget all the prejudice if you still have them, as Antunović wines are not feminine in the way many people misperceive wine designed for the preference of the gentler sex.

Subtlety of aromas, yes. Devotion to detail, yes. Focused presence, yes. Complexity, yes. But no plentiful residual sugar or superficial wine-like character. Antunović wines are pleasurable and serious, and are proven as the finest representatives of their sub-region.

And if the slogan accurately describes the winery’s distinctiveness, the logo does it even better. A woman, merged with the vine, victorious and beautiful.


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