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Uncovering The Greatest Croatian Wine Romance

wine-romance_videoWine was often considered a symbol of love, and sharing a glass of wine was a romantic gesture. In all of human history, wine represented more than just a drink. Wine has been a symbol of romance and love throughout the ages.

Wine is portrayed as a catalyst for romance and desire. When a wine story is combined with a love story, miracles happen. Let yourself be inspired by this great wine romance story.

Is wine good for romance?

Wine-romance-Dinner-at-sunset Wine is often associated with romance, and for many, wine enhances the romantic experience.

The very act of sharing a bottle of wine with a loved one can set a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, providing an opportunity for meaningful conversation and connection.

In ancient Greece and Rome, wine was central to social gatherings and romantic celebrations. Banquets and symposia often involved the consumption of wine, accompanied by poetry, music, and romantic dialogues.

During the medieval period in Europe, wine played a significant role in courtly love traditions. Troubadours and poets composed songs and poems celebrating the virtues of wine and its role in courtship.

In the Renaissance, wine remained a prominent symbol of romance and sensuality. Paintings, poems, and literature from this era frequently featured wine as a motif in depictions of romantic scenes.

However, consuming wine in moderation is essential, as excessive alcohol consumption can have the opposite effect and detract from a romantic moment. So, while wine can be a wonderful complement to a romantic evening, it’s essential to enjoy it responsibly.

What wine is associated with romance?

Wine-Romance-Cheering-with-Champagne Several types of wine are often associated with romance due to their flavour profiles and the occasions they typically enjoy. Some of the wines most commonly linked with romance include:

  • Sparkling Wine: Champagne is perhaps the most iconic romantic wine. Its effervescence, elegance, and association with celebrations make it a popular choice for toasts at weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.
  • Rosé Wine: Rosé wine, with its delicate pink hue and usually refreshing, fruity flavours, is associated with warm, sunny days and outdoor picnics, and a romantic and carefree atmosphere.
  • Red Wine: Red wines are frequently enjoyed during intimate dinners. The rich and complex flavours of red wine can complement the flavours of a romantic meal.

Which wine is best for a romantic night?

Some wines are generally well-suited for creating a romantic atmosphere. It is advisable to consider the following for setting the mood.

Champagne or Champagne method Sparkling wine

A classic. It is almost impossible to go wrong with a sophisticated sparkling wine made in the Champenoise method. Even if a romantic partner finds the bubbles more tingling than enjoyable, the gesture cannot be interpreted as anything but an appreciation. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either, as there are many excellent and affordable sparkling wines in this category.

Of course, during the dinner course, the food might be accompanied by a sip of something to complement the dish fully. This is the time for another type of wine. Wine-Romance-Red-Wine-by-the-fireplace

Medium to Fuller bodied Red Wine

A well-chosen red wine will enhance the flavours of the meal and add an extra layer of romance to the evening. The math seems simple enough. You are looking for an added value, for a sip of wine, to take the bite of the dish to another level.

A balanced wine is required to achieve that kind of harmony. Desired balance in a relationship could be subconsciously connected to a desired balance at the table. The safest choice is a well-balanced, medium to fuller-bodied red wine that complements numerous dishes.

Croatian wine power couple

Wine power couples are not a recent thing, nor are they a rarity. The same is true in Croatian winemaking. Many couples have marked the wine scene over the years, but some are additionally inspiring.

Credits: Danijel Soldo/Cropix

Meet Lucija and Martin, a couple charmingly changing Slavonian winemaking.

Lucija, originally from Zagreb, and Martin, a Dalmatian native from the Zadar region, have found their passion in the heart of Našice in Slavonia. 

Here, they share not only their love for each other but also their dedication to crafting modern wines at a winery  “Enosophia“. Together, they started a wine journey to build a brand that captures the essence of Slavonia.

Lucija heads viticulture and wine production at the new Enosophia winery, while her partner, Martin, is the chief oenologist. They share a goal of establishing a brand that appeals to a younger generation of wine enthusiasts. 

Their first three creations have taken the Croatian wine world by storm: “Graševina Trs No.5,” a nod to the prevalence of graševina vines in Croatia; “Matarouge,” a delightful blend of Frankovka and Pinot Noir, resulting in a pink wine that captivates the senses; and “Nice to see you,” a sparkling wine that celebrates the joy of reunions in an era where such moments have become scarce. Wine-Romance-Nice-To-See-You

Their partnership is beautifully harmonious. Lucija focuses on extracting the maximum potential from the vineyard, attuned to its unique location and possibilities. Meanwhile, Martin takes over with precision and timely actions in the cellar, orchestrating the transformation of the harvest into wines that bear their distinct characteristics. 

Their wines reflect not only the essence of the vineyard and their cellar skills but also their personalities. This is most evident in their Miraz line, known for its uncompromising red wines.

Though their natures may differ, they’ve mastered the art of balance and collaboration. The artistry is much needed in winemaking to achieve success. Their partnership is grounded in a continuous exchange of insights, support, and a joint dedication to their craft.

From College Sweethearts to Wine Connoisseurs

Credits: Danijel Soldo/Cropix

Their love story began at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. As they explored the world of vineyards and wines during field classes and tours, their connection deepened. In 2016, as they neared the end of their college journey, their personal and professional partnership began. The following year, they ventured to California for an internship, a journey made possible by a scholarship from Miljenko Mike Grgich, a Croatian winemaking legend who had created a wine empire in America.

For Lucija and Martin, wine is more than just a beverage; it’s an unforgettable experience. In their view, wine should be enjoyed in good company amidst a convivial atmosphere, but always with a focus on the wine itself. They believe each wine has a unique story to tell, and it’s essential to savour and appreciate that narrative.

Their roots in viticulture run deep. Martin’s and Lucija’s earliest memories involve helping their grandfathers with the grape harvest.

Their careers led them to a winery whose owner not only hired them together but also granted them complete creative freedom. Frankovka, a traditional red wine variety of continental Croatia, is their focus, which they believe represents the future. 

One of the labels that makes them most proud is a “Lingua Franka”, a modern take on Blaufrankisch, or a Frankovka variety as it is traditionally called in Croatia.

They’ve artfully combined Frankovka with Merlot and Cabernet sauvignon in their “Rubi Fusion” wine. Additionally, they launched an aged “Memoria” sparkling wine made entirely from Riesling grapes.

They also introduced two sparkling wines created through the Charmat (Prosecco) method: “Today Blanc” and “Today Rose.” These wines serve as a reminder that every day is a cause for celebration with a glass of light and aromatic sparkling wine. Wine-Romance-Lucija-and-Martin-in-vineyard-together

Their dedication to quality and innovation has already earned them accolades, including Decanter awards. As they continue to expand their offerings, there’s no doubt that their success story will continue to blossom.

Their love for the wines strengthened their bond as a couple, resulting in the birth of a new life challenge as they became young parents. Lucija and Martin will undoubtedly continue to pour their passion into life and Enosophia, creating an enduring legacy of love, wine, and wisdom.

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