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Skradin Fine Wine Festival 2017

Skradin is one of those magical places on the Croatian coast. This six thousand years old town (yes, 6000 years) is located at the entrance to the Krka National Park with shop-stopping waterfalls, just where the river Krka enters the Adriatic Sea. It is truly a Mediterranean oasis and has its way of getting under your skin.

Skradin’s narrow romantic streets portray a typical Dalmatian atmosphere; especially during summer time (imagine nonnas sitting in front of their centuries’ old stone houses) and it is one of the favourite nautical spots for jet-setters from all over the world.

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However, there is one thing that immediately comes to my mind when talking about Skradin, and it is conviviality. There is a special bond people from Skradin are connected with and a profound respect for beautiful nature that surrounds them.

Locals claim the secret lies in the Schumann resonances (also known as Earth’s breathing) Skradin is on. It is the frequency of 7,83 Hz and it is believed that it has a beneficiary impact on the human brain and life on Earth in general.

With all this being said, it’s no wonder one of the best boutique wine festivals is traditionally held in Skradin, which is kind of expected when your hosts are the famous Bibich winery (located in a village Plastovo just above Skradin) and the Skipper’s Club Arka (one of the best bars on the Croatian coast).

Photo Credit: Lucija Bilandžić

The idea behind it is to gather friends winemakers and chefs as well as to invite friends wine lovers. This was the winemaker’s crew of 2017: Bibich, Boškinac, Brkić, Duboković, Kabaj, Meneghetti, Roxanich, Stayer, Simčič, Ščurek and Trapan.

Needless to say, it was a wine galore. When it comes to guest chefs, this year food was prepared by Priska Thuring – Dubravkin put, Zagreb; Andrej Barbieri- Barbieri’s, Zagreb; Vjeko Bašić – Boba, Murter; Ante Božikov (Dupin) – Opat, Kornati and Ante Udovičić – Ex Paradigma, Split. Moreover, steaks and a few local dishes were served as well (tripe and lamb with peas).

Photo Credit: Lucija Bilandžić

Fine wine and delicious food aside, the atmosphere is the best part of the Skradin Fine Wine Festival. Imagine a tiny marina full of smiling people enjoying themselves.

Year after year, it is a truly priceless experience. For sure, everyone was nobly intoxicated (as they in Skradin like to put it), but I’m quite sure Schumann resonances had something to do with it as well.

Photo Credit: Lucija Bilandžić
Photo Credit: Lucija Bilandžić
Photo Credit: Lucija Bilandžić


by: Lucija Bilandžić of Pleasure Seekers


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