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Testament Winery, testimony of old roots and good wines!

Testament. The name itself does carry a certain fateful vibe to it, doesn`t it? The place is certainly a testimony of Dalmatian winds over rocky soil with a breathtaking view. Testament winery sort of testifies the legacy of winemaking in these parts.

Testament winery

Winemaking is done as close as possible to the ways of old and is organic in nature. Modern equipment is carefully used, designed to transfer natural beauty and good tradition into a bottle of wine.

Extreme and rough conditions

Not far away from the City of Šibenik, there is the location of Jadrtovac, where the life-giving sun also makes extremely warm summers. In such conditions, perhaps only Babić variety can thrive. And winemaking should be done by professionals with first-hand experience. Because, despite its ability to withstand such dry conditions, Babić is anything but easy-going variety.

Young but experienced professional Juraj Sladić knows Babić. Silver medal on 2019 Decanter World Wine Awards for Testament Babić is no coincidence.

Distinctive Marasca cherry notes concentrated in ripe and full-bodied Babić impressed the Decanter jury and Juraj Sladić is convinced this is just beginning.

“Testament is a young name and we are very proud of such success in such short time period…”, words spoken modestly but with confidence.

A young name perhaps, but it stands for an old variety, capable of transferring the Mediterranean character and aromatic profile, however with softer tannin and enough of freshness in the backbone… as Babić is indigenous to these parts of Dalmatia, traditionally planted in a fistful of soil stolen from crushed stones.

This recognition is especially praiseworthy considering the fact this is the second or actually the first commercial harvest of Testament vineyards.

There is another one…

Testament stands for yet another Dalmatian grape. On Jadrtovac, Testament grows today’s most recognizable white variety of Dalmatia – Pošip. Vinified as fresh in style, to accompany various dishes, from fish to poultry and pasta, this Pošip nevertheless has a structure to endure the test of time.

Furthermore, to improve and deepen its balance, becoming even more versatile than it is…

There is one more experience bringing you closer to Dalmatian heritage. Sharing a bottle of rose under the shades of Testament winery tasting room can evoke questions such as why was a rose wine called “opolo”?

How can such a gentle and refreshing juice come from such stubborn variety?

Rose experience

Testament Opolo is a rose made from Babić grapes. Rich and complex taste coming out of such easy-drinking pinky colored wine is a more than a quaffable stimulant.

Astringency is invisible yet some soft-grip lingers on, revealing texture after texture in a rollercoaster of dried red fruits, pomegranate, and red-orange.

If unable to visit what will soon be recognized as a Grand Cru position of Babić, to sample the view and feel the breeze carrying herbal scents in the middle of an organic vineyard, the essence of the Testament can be tasted through their wines.

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