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Special Offer: What wines would you like for Christmas 2017?

So many wines, so many tastes…Help us create special Wine Christmas offer for you! What wines would you like to taste, open your friends, or send as a cool gift? Send us your wine wishes right now and we’ll try to be jolly Santa back to you 🙂

Hi there,

due to very high interest and simply unexpected amount of proposals, we decided to stop the wish period earlier and to give everybody a promotion code that can be applied at checkout for any wine you choose. Otherwise, this list would simply be too long.

So please, use this code: XMAS2017 at checkout and get 10% OFF every wine you choose! The offer is valid until Sunday, Dec 24th.

We hope it’s OK with everybody and thanks all for your interest. We really appreciate your engagement, especially Martyn’s, Alberta’s, Ignas, and Stefan’s for their suggestions and argumentations of enrolling a couple of very unique labels. They are soon to come guys, thanks!

However, if you would like to hear what we think that might be very cool Wine Christmas gifts for 2017, check our suggestions here

Wine Gift Voucher

In the meanwhile, if you’re more of a time optimizer, check this great way to surprise your friends and family this year. Give them the opportunity to explore and choose wines on their own! All we want for Christmas is wine, isn’t that right?

Learn more about wine gift vouchers here


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