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Plavac Mali: Don’t miss out on these top 3 entry-level wines

Some Plavac Mali wines transcend the basic or entry-level category, yet their prices remain affordable.

These wines show a powerful structure while preserving freshness, display distinctive Plavac Mali flavors, and reflect the terroir they come from.

Whether enjoyed at home or in a restaurant, we relish the opportunity to savor them repeatedly during lunch or dinner. And we are pretty sure any wine lover would, too!

Source: Rizman winery, Komarna wine region
Image of Komarna vineyards overlooking the sea

Komarna is the youngest and the only completely organic-oriented wine region in Croatia. Stunning vineyards sites overlook their famed neighbors: Pelješac and Korčula island, which can be seen both from there. Komarna can stand right next to and compare both.

Check out our Croatian wine map to better understand the varieties grown in the Dalmatian wine region where these Plavac mali entry-level wines originate.

Picture 1. Croatian wine map

Croatian wine

Rizman Brime

The youngest wine region in Croatia offers breathtaking views of the sea, the neighboring Pelješac peninsula, and, further on the horizon, Korčula. These steep limestone sites tempt the grapevines that struggle to survive and give fruit. 

The wind is a constant in Komarna vineyards, like the drought in the summer months. The vineyards take more years to achieve their full potential in conditions like these. When the entry-level wine of the winery is this good, we cannot imagine what will be in the future when the vineyards establish a strong root system and reach their maximum in producing healthy, concentrated grapes.

Source: Rizman winery

The Štimac family has a wine-growing heritage from the early 1900s. The initial grapevines were planted in 1918 by the present generation’s great-grandfather, Mihovil Mijo Popich, who was affectionately referred to as Rizman.

In 2006, the Rizman winery was established, and a young vineyard was planted in Komarna in 2008. As the pioneers and driving force behind this new wine-growing region, the Štimac family were its first investors and ideological initiators.

Rizman Brime Plavac Mali is an approachable, friendly expression of Plavac Mali. Somehow, during the struggle to survive the microclimate of Komarna, Plavac Mali grapes preserve freshness that, later, grippy tannins only accentuate. A harmonic and perfect relationship between the two.

Brime is aged in used barrique French oak barrels, which gives the wine a subtler and gentler oak expression. Brime Plavac Mali’s fruit is consistent and straightforward with plums and dark cherries expression, never overripe. 

What’s amazing about Komarna is the specific terroir signature: a mineral, crushed stone feel, and unique herbal expression. The full potential of the Plavac Mali grape variety is approached more carefully and accentuated by the inspiring terroir signature. This is a Plavac Mali style that will be enjoyed everywhere, no matter summer or winter.

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Plančić Plavac Mali

Source: Plančić winery

The Plančić family are pioneers of Croatian private winemaking. They won a gold and silver medal at an international competition in Novi Sad in 1986 when it wasn’t easy for private wine producers to bottle and sell their wine under their labels. 

Owned and run as a family business on the sunniest Croatian island – Hvar, this winery has produced wines since 1919 and specializes in native varieties, including white ones such as Bogdanuša and Parč, and red varieties such as Plavac Mali and Darnekuša. 

One noteworthy aspect of the Plančić winery is its commitment to hand-processing every vineyard, resulting in a unique number of bottles. This allows customers to discover the amount of the vintage produced and which specific bottle they own. 

Plančić Plavac Mali, a dry red wine made from the eponymous indigenous Dalmatian red variety, hails from the regions of Dračev dolac, Krušvice, and Podhum. The wine boasts a vibrant dark red hue and a fine expression of Plavac Mali’s distinct aroma. 

The taste of the wine is smooth and harmonious, making it a must-try for any wine lover. Before being bottled, the wine is aged for at least 16 months in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks, giving it a distinctive flavor profile. The varietal aromas are beautifully expressed, lending the wine a complex and alluring bouquet. 

To achieve this balanced flavor profile that is neither overpowering nor subtle, the wine undergoes a careful aging process before bottling. This meticulous approach to winemaking ensures that every bottle of this wine is of the highest quality, offering an exceptional drinking experience to those who partake.

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Miloš Plavac 

Source: Miloš winery, Ponikve vineyards

We’re finally on Pelješac, the peninsula that breathes and exhales the Plavac Mali. Vineyards of the Miloš winery aren’t in the best-known positions like Dingač or Postup, but Ponikve. Nevertheless, in Croatian history, Miloš winery will be known for the first premium label of Plavac Mali – Stagnum, one of the cult Croatian wines, and Cmijeva glavica in Ponikve, possibly the next “Grand Cru” vineyard for Plavac mali.

Miloš Plavac is a clear expression of the soil and the vineyard. A wine you feel was made precisely there and not in the wine cellar. They only used oak barrels, both big and small. This micro-oxygenation helps the flavors mature without adding spices. Nothing but the aromatic Mediterranean in the glass gives you a walking-to-a-beach sensation.

Source: Miloš winery

A dry red wine made from Plavac Mali grapes from the steeply terraced vineyards of the southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula. Only native yeasts are used in the fermentation. During the whole process, the wine is kept in a large, old, Slavonian oak barrel, unfiltered and with minimal quantities of sulfites

Pure and natural wine! This wine reflects the variety and terroir of its place of origin, a “peninsula in a glass.”  Warm, sunburned wine from the southern region, full of herbs and underbrush, dry and sweet. It consists of complex fruit aromas of cherries and olives, contributing to the authentic, earthy character and providing a very inspiring wine experience.

Rosemary, sage, rocks and cliffs, the saltiness of the sea, and darker fruits. That’s where Miloš Plavac Mali takes you. A walk on the beach finished by a swim in the sea is the feeling we get. This, combined with strong minerals, soil signature, and vivid acidity, doesn’t allow the wine to be overweight.

Other recommended must-try wines from Miloš winery are:

Make sure to visit their winery to experience firsthand the dedication involved in producing wine of outstanding and uncompromising quality!

Plavac Mali, with its original genetic story connected to native Dobričić and Crljenak (also known as Zinfandel and Primitivo), is a grape from which certain winemakers produce world-worthy wines! Check out our video to learn which appellation stands out as a grand cru for this variety and why!

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Cheers! 😀

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