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7 Best Beach Wines

What is beach wine anyway? Do people drink wine at the beach? And how do they do it? To answer these questions, we’ve engaged our extensive personal experience, including which wines are the best for the beach.

Do people drink wine at the beach?

Sure, they do, and there is no reason why shouldn’t they as long as the consumption is responsible and avoiding intoxication. 

Some beaches might have regulations which do not allow alcohol consumption at the beach or do not allow carrying your own wine, or do not allow glass items which could break. Still, these are usually hotel beaches or otherwise supervised beaches.

Luckily, there are no such restrictions on Croatian beaches, although this doesn’t mean you’re allowed to act irresponsibly, especially to break glass and leave the mess behind yourself. 

Of course, your beach might have beachside bars that offer wine. But we’re talking about beachgoers bringing their own wine to a sunny summer beach to refresh and savour while relaxing. Relaxing and moderate enjoyment should be the main reason to bring your own wine to the beach.

And why not? If it’s considered quite common to enjoy a can of beer or similar, why shouldn’t wine lovers be able to enjoy it as well? 7-Best-Beach-Wines-2

How to drink wine on the beach?

Easy! Do not drink wine from plastic or silicone or any other glasses but old-school wine glasses. There are travel-friendly, multi-use, hard-plastic glasses shaped like a proper wine glass. But, if you can avoid it, the better.

Even if you are in an environment where it is inconvenient to consume wine, the solution is not in the way of consumption that degrades the wine experience. Sure, you won’t take elaborate crystal wine glasses to the beach, but glass is imperative for enjoying wine.

Bring a box of wine glasses so you can have somewhere to put them when finished, or use stemless wine glasses.

And please do not break the glass. If it happens, pick up the shattered glass carefully and dispose of it so that the beach will remain a safe environment for enjoying the sun, the sea, or the lake or river.

Accessories necessary to enjoy wine on the beach:

  • Wine cooler – An ice bucket or, ideally, a wine bottle chiller will keep your wine cooled down. 
  • Wine opener – Don’t forget to pack a wine opener or choose wines with screw caps for easy access because we’re screwed without a corkscrew.
  • Appropriate glassware – As explained, proper wine glasses are essential for the experience.
  • Water – stay hydrated and drink responsibly, especially if you’re spending time in the sun. 

Additionally, consider a wine tote or beach bag. To carry your wine bottles safely and keep them insulated, consider using a wine tote bag or a beach bag with a separate compartment designed for bottles. This will protect the wine from heat and potential breakage during transportation. 7-Best-Beach-Wines-1

What wine is best for the beach?

In short, when looking for a beach wine, you should choose: 

  • Refreshing – You will want to take the wine that performs well when cooled down, and that is light-bodied and easy to drink so it won’t warm up too much in the hot environment.
  • Undemanding – Not much point in taking a wine that needs ideal conditions to open up and pair with your meal. So, nothing too complex or in need of decanting or similar.
  • Inexpensive – You will probably want to leave some unobtainable or expensive bottle to enjoy it in more controllable conditions. 

There are many, mainly white and sparkling wines, but also light-bodied reds that fit the description of being inexpensive, undemanding and refreshing.

And following are our recommendations (based on extensive personal experience 🙂 7-Best-Beach-Wines-Croatia

Top 7 Beach Wines

1. Jerković Kujundžuša

Tonic-like properties of this hard-to-pronounce but super easy-to-drink grape are ideal refreshments for hot summer days. Likewise, Beachside sipping of [ku-iun-dzu-sha] is both relaxing and invigorating. One must be careful, though, because of the low alcohol, it’s additionally easy to drink wine.

2. Ivan Katunar Sansigot

No reason you can’t enjoy the pleasure of red wine on the beach. Especially with this wonder called Sansigot after Sansego, the Latin name for Susak island in Croatia, where this variety was preserved till today. Thank heavens for that because there aren’t too many wines that possess this “cold freshness”, an ability to chill and refresh you even when temperatures are high. Historically used by field workers as a thirst quencher, when vinified in a modern way, it expresses unique fruit&mineral characteristics. 7-Best-Beach-Wines-Kutjevo-Rose-Premium 3. Kutjevo Rose Premium

For many, rose wine first comes to mind when you imagine sippin’ on some beach. No need to imagine, this ingenious blend of Pinot Noir and Zweigelt offers more than just pink colour. Sure, it is intended as a “provencal style rose”, with strawberry and raspberry fruitness balanced by gentle freshness. It is also quite persistent despite only 12.5% alc

4. Today Rose

And why not have some bubbles in a rose as well? Indulge in the delightful experience of beach wine as a harmonious combination of acidity and freshness awakens the palate. This refreshing sensation gracefully transitions into the elegant flavours of ripe citrus fruits, adding a vibrant twist to your beach moments. With its pronounced freshness and light, easy-drinking body, this sparkling wine shines as the perfect choice for an elegant beach aperitif.

5. Laguna Malvasia

In case you’re planning a wine sipping on a Croatian beach, this is perhaps one of the most affordable and accessible pleasures to consider. Clean&green representative of Malvasia Istriana and the ease of living in Istra embody each sip. Refreshing citrus notes accompanied by stone fruit and subtle floral notes prove as a winning combination in many beach bars and without them.

6. Vislander Cuvee

Many Dalmatian whites are intoxicating and powerfully structured white wines that require some time and dedication to unveil. Vugava from the island of Vis is no exception in most cases. However, it was used in a minor percentage in this blend with the local Kuč variety, only to bring some ripeness and aromatics to the mix. The result is invigorating and easy drinking enjoyment with as low as 11.5% alc. Pleasurable and rewarding.

7. Piena Sparkling

And finally, prosecco-style wine, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is having enough ice or bottle chillers. Balanced and seductive, Piena sounds Italian, yet it means “foam” in the Croatian language. And on Croatian beaches, it means much more than you’re hoping for 😉

See you on the beach 🥂


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