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How Wine Bars Can Change the Way You Think About Wine

Like many other places, wine bars also have their etiquette.

And by wine bars, we are referring to real wine bars – with educated staff and carefully thought-through wine lists where you can enjoy your much-loved wine but also try some new and exciting, preferably Croatian, wines 😉

Here‘s a short guideline on what to do and what not to do next time you’re in your favorite wine bar!

There are no dumb questions

Generally, people working in a wine bar are enthusiastic about their job (you would be too – duh!) and keen to share their knowledge, which is why you should talk to them. If you brief them well on what type of wine you usually drink, how much money you want to spend and what your general preferences are, we are sure they will deliver. Ask them what you want to know – there are no dumb questions, but whatever you do, never…

Ask for the “good stuff”

That’s a no-no. You simply don’t do that. What’s good for them might not be good for you and vice versa. More importantly, this is a show off phrase for people who are not true wine connoisseurs and you don’t want to be put in that category. We’re assuming you’d want to come back to that wine bar and this is not the way to make a great first impression.

Photo Credit: Vedran Metelko

Stop playing safe and order different types of wine

You’re a Cab Sauv person. So what? That doesn’t mean that every single time you go for a glass of wine you have to order the same thing. Once you’ve mastered all of the above mentioned steps, you are ready for this– especially interesting if you’re out with your friends. Don’t be afraid: GO WILD now and then and take different wines. Yes, each of you. And share them – that way, you can try a few interesting things at once. While you’re at it – Croatian wines made of indigenous grapes such as Plavac Mali or Teran will be total game-changers if you’re into bold reds.

(Note from the editor: Croatian wines are ideal for this – get to know them with your friends, before ordering them.)

(Hint: You know where to get the best Croatian wines online.)

Taste your wine first

So, you’ve decided to think out of the box and are now in a dilemma: which out of two wines to take? Did you know that a wine bar is a place where they’d be happy to give you one or two different wines to try if you’re not quite sure what you’re going for? Yes, my darling, you came to the right place. You just have to ask for it. Your wishes will be heard. Don’t expect a full glass now, but you’ll get just enough to decide which wine you prefer.

Photo Credit: Vedran Metelko

Go for a bottle instead of 2-3 glasses

We’ll drink just a glass of wine. Everyone said it, but we all know this is one of the most common lies wine servers hear. Stop lying and go for a bottle. In the end, you’ll thank us when you end up drinking a few glasses (and we both know you will).

Don’t put ice cubes in your wine

Never do that. Ever. Unless you’re at a beach party.

Photo Credit: Marko Rulek

Wine and food pairing

As a frequent wine bar guest, you must have noticed that most of them also hold a certain food offer. Believe it or not, some even go that far and suggest wine and food paring. Go for it! They did the job for you. Ask your server for food that will complement your wine.

Ask for hidden gems

Every wine list has its best-kept secret. Moreover, every server has his/her low-profile favorite. This is the best way to try some off the beaten palate wines.

Photo Credit: Vedran Metelko

Trust your senses

Yes, returning the wine you don’t like is quite normal. Whether it was your choice or your server’s recommendation, most wine bars will take it back. If you’re uncomfortable doing that – all the more reason to ask to taste your wine first.

Hold your glass by the stem, not the bowl

Goes without saying.

Ok, maybe we’re pushing you out of your comfort zone with these guidelines, but once you master the art of ordering wines you haven’t tried before, you’ll be grateful. And you can show your gratitude by ordering the best Croatian wines online. You know from where 😉

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