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It calls for one more drop! Škrlet by Ilovčak winery wins with its lightness

In the embrace of Lonjskopolje and Trsnogorje, on the green slopes of Moslavačkagora by the Ilova river, lies theIlovčak winery with its six hectares of vineyards. The vines are planted on the south slope and grow at 240 meters above sea level. The most planted grape variety is Škrlet followed by Graševina, Pinot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Moslavina is one of the wine-growing regions in Croatia, it even contains a word ‘vina’ in its name, which means wines in Croatian. The Đozo family planted the first vineyard on Moslavina slopes in 1992. The family is the fifth generation that grows vines in these vineyards, starting from the mid-19th century when the wines of the Moslavina region became recognized in Vienna and Zagreb.

All varieties from Ilovčak winery – Photo: Abeceda FINIH zalogaja – Alphabet français pour les gourmets Facebook

The Ilovčak Winery’s commercial wine sales began in 2006. Since then, it has been awarded gold and silver prizes for several prestigious wine exhibitions in Croatia. The most planted variety in their vineyards is the Škrlet followed by Graševina, White Pinot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The indigenous Moslavina grape variety Škrlet is gently yellow with a greenish look, smells of green apples, pears, and yellow plums. ‘Škrlet’ is also called ovnek because of the similarities between the shape of the grape and the head of the ram. The wine is light and smooth. It owes its freshness to herbal notes with the smell of a white field flower. It blends perfectly with the light, Mediterranean dishes, as well as with the plate of cheeses with fruit.

The owner Sven Đozo with the ram shape grape – Photo: Abeceda FINIH zalogaja – Alphabet français pour les gourmets Facebook

The owner Sven Đozo points out the pleasure of having the vineyard replanted in 2009. The wine cellar of the winery has a capacity of 60 thousand litres, but while the young grapevines do not show their full strength, the winery produces 45 thousand litres of wine.

That amount is quite enough to win all the wine lovers. Wines can be tasted at the Zagreb’s wine bars Basement and Mojo and bought at the Dornberg wine bar in Zagreb. However, visiting the wine roads of Moslavina offers a special experience that will surely remain in the memory of anyone visiting this wine-growing region.

South slope of Ilovčak winery – Photo: Abeceda FINIH zalogaja – Alphabet français pour les gourmets Facebook


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