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Low-carb wines: What to drink on a low-carb diet?

If you are on a special dieting program, such as Keto or any other low-carb regime, you might find yourself asking if you can enjoy a glass of wine with your nutrition plan? The answer is yes, you can. Just be careful which one!

Wines are low-carb beverages in general, but we have to be aware of the fact that alcohol is toxic to our bodies. When we ingest alcohol, our metabolism works his way to digest it – as soon as possible. In other words, our body stops the fat-burning processes in order to get rid of the alcohol we consumed. That means that drinking alcohol in excess can stall weight loss.

The numbers represent grams of carbs per typical serving – Source:

Note that the sweetness in wines alters the total grams of carbs, so be careful to choose dry versions of wines.

Can you enjoy alcohol on a low-carb/keto diet?

Moderately yes, but you have to be careful to choose a low-carb alcoholic drink. This includes dry and semi-dry wines, clear spirits like vodka, rum, whiskey, etc. Be careful about the sugar content, especially in cocktails or some beers that have higher carb content than a glass of wine.

How many carbs does a glass of wine have?

A standard wine serving is 5 oz / 1,5 dcl. A glass of dry red or dry white wine will have 3-4 grams of carbs.

Late harvested wines, dessert wines and fortified wines like Port have significantly higher levels of carbohydrates – up to 20 grams per serving. The safest is to stick with dry and semi-dry wines and to watch out for your weight-losing progress.

We are all different and our bodies will respond accordingly. If you aren’t losing weight, the best is to cut back on alcohol.


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