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Croatia Has a New Michelin-Starred Restaurant!

Croatia currently has 11 Michelin-starred restaurants, 14 restaurants with a Bib Gourmand recommendation, and 64 recommended restaurants.

The Michelin Guide for Croatia 2023.

Photo credit: Korak Fine Dining Restaurant

The Michelin Guide for Croatia has just been released, and the most significant recognition was awarded to the Korak restaurant in Plešivica, led by head chef Bernard Korak.

Currently, Croatia has:

  • 11 restaurants with one Michelin star,
  • 14 restaurants with the Bib Gourmand distinction (including three newcomers), and
  • a total of 64 recommended restaurants (including nine new additions).

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Apart from receiving a Michelin star, the Korak Restaurant in Plešivica was also honored with the Green Star, an accolade for sustainability.

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Photo credit: Korak Fine Dining Restaurant

Furthermore, the Zinfandel’s restaurant, Konoba Mate, and now the Korak Restaurant, have been awarded the Green Star, recognizing their commitment to sustainability in gastronomy.

The Michelin Guide highlights how the inspectors noticed a greater focus from Croatian chefs and restaurant owners on selecting local ingredients.

“Whether it’s Michelin-starred restaurants or Bib Gourmand establishments, the emphasis is on respecting good produce, and teams are dedicated to offering gastronomic exploration of their territories, focusing on local products and the bounties of the Mediterranean sea. We are curious to see the inspiring ecological culinary practices that will develop in Croatia in the future.”

In addition to the new star, three Croatian restaurants made it to the Michelin Bib Gourmand list, and nine received recommendations.

The Bib Gourmand list

Photo credit: Taj Mahal Restaurant

After the news that another Croatian restaurant, Korak in Plešivica, joined the prestigious Michelin-starred club, bringing the total to 11, it’s worth mentioning the Bib Gourmand list, which welcomed three new restaurants this year.

The Bib Gourmand is an accolade given to restaurants offering quality, well-conceived dishes at affordable prices.

The three new restaurants on this list are

  • Beštija in Zagreb,
  • Bugenvila in Cavtat, and
  • Taj Mahal in Dubrovnik.

Michelin recommendations

Photo credit: PiNKU fish & wine

Additionally, nine new restaurants received Michelin recommendations:

  • Marco Polo in Dubrovnik,
  • Nicolo Polo in Gradac,
  • Mediterraneo in Hvar,
  • BÒME and
  • PiNKU fish and wine in Split, as well as
  • konoba Kala and Otok in Supetar, and
  • Balon and
  • El Toro in Zagreb.

Sustainability in focus

Gwendal Poullennec, the international director of the Michelin Guide commented

“This year, Michelin Guide inspectors noticed an increasing attention to the quality of local ingredients and chefs and restaurant owners’ growing dedication to sourcing from local farmers. Whether it’s Michelin-starred restaurants or Bib Gourmand establishments, respecting quality ingredients is a priority because our teams aim to deliver quality gastronomic experiences,” adding that Croatia sets an example of genuine sensitivity towards sustainability and ecological culinary practices.

Nikolina Brnjac, the Croatian Minister of Tourism and Sports concluded

“The new Michelin Guide showcases that modern Croatian gastronomy is becoming one of the most exciting in Europe, inviting numerous tourists who want to enjoy their visit to Croatia thanks to elements of Mediterranean and Central European culinary traditions, excellent local ingredients, and especially the creativity and passion of Croatian chefs. Therefore, in our Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy until 2030, the development of food and wine tourism holds an important and special place. Being included in globally relevant gastronomic guides like Michelin is recognition and a significant incentive for everyone working on enhancing the diversity of Croatian gastronomy. I sincerely congratulate all those who have earned their stars this year. I believe that each new Michelin Guide will feature new Croatian chefs because they certainly deserve it.”

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