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What should you drink on Christmas Day?

A small guide that will get you from delicious bubbles to creamy whites and rich reds to an absolute show stopper for the grand finale.

Whether it is Christmas lunch or dinner you’re preparing, there’s no doubt it shall be a festive meal. Consequently, the wines you choose should also be special.
However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your celebratory wine flight. First of all, match the heaviness of your food with wine (light wine + light food/full bodied wine + heavier food). Remember that acidity in wine loves fatty food so pair accordingly. Make sure that your wine is always sweeter than your food.

Sparkling wine is a perfect start to your special meal. Bubbles will get the conversations going and set the right mood. To satisfy all of your guests, opt for a crisp sparkling wine with nice buttery notes such as Meneghetti Classic. This one tends to be everybody’s darling. Primary fruity and floral notes (peach, pear, white flowers) delight absolute beginners, whereas secondary toasty and brioche notes satisfy even the most demanding palates. Sparkling wine like this one can get you from welcome drink to starters such as oysters, shellfish, fish or salmon.

By this time, we’re sure you run out of your bubbles, so it’s the right time to switch to St. Hills Mala Nevina. This versatile cuvée loves starters based on vegetables, such as asparagus, crudités or even hummus. It is fresh, mineral and well rounded, but at the same time has a certain smokey-vanilla note that people love.

For your next wine choose Stina Pošip Majstor. Pošip is an indigenous grape from Dalmatia in which you reveal a bouquet of Mediterranean herbs mixed with ripe fruit. This wine can cover pates, consommé, and boiled meat & vegetables but also poultry such as roast turkey.

At this point, we’re quite sure you’d like to switch to reds. Josić Ciconia Nigra Cuvée Superior is an elegant spicy red with well-integrated oak and supple tannins that pairs nicely with goose or duck. Its black fruit notes match this type of darker and heavier poultry meat. This one is surely a crowd pleaser that can also go with a beef roast.

However, if you bring out the big guns to impress your guests such as venison, wild boar or any other wild game meat, we have the perfect wine for you. Kiridžija Dingač is actually a plavac mali, ancestor of more famous Zinfandel, coming from one of the best appellations called Dingač. This bold and rich red loves distinctiveness of game meat especially if accompanied with red/black berries or plums.

Last but not least, desserts and sweet wine. Whatever you prepare (cheese platter, dried fruit cake, chocolate pudding), we have an absolute gem for the grand finale of your feast. Bibich Ambra is a cult Croatian sweet wine made in passito style with distinctive flavors of carob, dried figs, tobacco, and vanilla. This wine will leave your guests wanting more.

Now that we got you covered with wines, it’s time to dig in your recipe books and send a save-the-date note to your family and friends for Xmas lunch/dinner. We’re sure that this will be a Christmas feast your guests will remember!

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