Kutjevo: Tradition that Lasts for Centuries

Kutjevo winery, the oldest winery in the region, lies in the middle of continental Croatia’s region of Slavonia. This region is also known as Vallis Aurea, Golden Valley, or the cradle of winemaking in Croatia. In Kutjevo, Cistercian monks in the early 13th century founded the abbey together with a wine cellar and started producing wine.

The real attention was given to vine cultivation and winemaking, so their heritage was passed down to the local inhabitants for centuries. Rooted in tradition, Kutjevo has been producing quality, high quality, and premium quality wines for decades.

As one of the oldest wine cellars in southeast Europe, the company represents Croatian culture and wines. Kutjevo Winery vineyards are among the best Croatian vineyards in general, and some of the most exclusive wines produced in small and very limited amounts are produced from those vineyards.

Some of the micro-locations mentioned above and vineyards are Vinkomir, Hrnjevac, and Vetovo.

In Kutjevo Winery cellars, wines from different harvests are maturing (from regular too late and selected harvests).

Thanks to its preserved nature, mild climate, and locations, Graševina is the most vital variety, but Kutjevo winery produces wine from other world-famous wine varieties.

Biggest Croatian wine exporter

Basing its grape production on 430 hectares of their vineyards and 380 hectares in cooperation, Kutjevo winery applies the latest insights into soil bases, terroir characteristics, grape varieties, and the most modern ampelotechnic procedures in winegrowing often working with experts and the faculty of Agriculture.

Produced grapes are carefully picked and promptly delivered to a wine cellar for further processing.

Fast processing in aseptic conditions, using modern equipment and the latest technology, warrant the perfect results to which they aspire and for which they won both national and international awards.

These international recognitions (Decanter, Mundus Vini, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles) have confirmed the work and dedication recognized by wine enthusiasts around the world, making Kutjevo winery a leader in Croatian wine export with a 50% share of total Croatian wine exports.

Wines are exported in 24 countries: USA, England, Germany, Austria, China, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, to name a few.

Premium wines – premium story

Wine production at “Kutjevački podrum” comprises the best selection of premium quality whites uniquely different styles of the winery’s household name – Graševina (high-quality Graševina and Graševina de Gotho) as well as an exquisite Maximo Oro, cuvée of Graševina and Chardonnay grape varieties, Maximo Nero, a Bordeaux style cuvée and Rosé Premium, Zweigelt and Pinot Noircuvee.

Kutjevo Winery has received many international awards for its exceptional wines – ice wines as well and is the biggest ice wine producer in Croatia.

In Kutjevo winery, there are two separate wine productions – those of quality and the high and premium quality (Graševina high quality, de Gotho, Maximo and Rose Premium line, predicate, and archive wines).

The grapes for the high and premium quality wines are carefully hand-picked and originate from the vineyards with the exceptional microclimate conditions. They are positioned on the sunny southern slopes of Krndija, and Papuk hills, where large forest assemblies protect the vineyards and its vine sites from sharp northern winds.

The altitude difference in the vineyards is between 200 and 480 meters, with annual rainfall ranging from 500 to 800 mm of rain per square meter.

De Gotho line

The name “Vallis Honesta De Gotho” is an old Latin name that Cistercians, builders of the Kutjevo cellar in 1232, gave to Požega valley, and Kutjevo abbey respectively.

The De Gotho premium line of Graševina and Pinot Noir represents the homage to outstanding wine history and the importance we inherit for almost eight centuries.

The ground plan of the abbey on the front label represents a long history and tradition. The wine style presents modern technology, a selection from one of Croatia’s best vineyard positions –Hrnjevac, and the best characteristics of the wine and terroir from which these wines come.

Maximo line

The legend of the Kutjevo cellar from the 18th century inspired them to create a premium Maximo wine line. A numerous notch on the wall of the old Kutjevo cellar is a testimony to the love of the emperor Mary Theresa and baron Franjo Trenk.

They wanted to pass the line of cuvée Maximo Oro, Maximo Bianco, Maximo Nero, and sparkling wine Maximo Brut to the passion that the walls of the basement undoubtedly kept, in a series of exceptional wines. Allow yourself to enjoy the award-winning wines from the Maximo line.

Rose Premium

In the vast selection of sparkling, white, and red Kutjevo wines, a novelty in the premium line is the Rosé Premium intended for the restaurants and specialized wine and spirits stores. This year a popular wine journalist, Saša Špiranec, rated Rosé Premium as one of the best Croatian Rosé wines with the score of 90/100 points.

Kutjevo Rosé Premium is made in the same fashion as the rosé wines from Provence and, at first glance, attracts attention with modern label designs and the selection of attractive burgundy bottles. The delicate pink color is a visual introduction to the elegant freshness of strawberries and raspberries.

Predicate wine

From one of the best vineyard positions in the Kutjevo wine region, Hrnjevac comes prestigious and rare specimens of exquisite wines – predicate wines from ice harvest. The wines of the ice harvest are the most robust expression of nature.

They are produced from grapes harvested after their usual maturity, in the phase of overripe, when the temperature in the vineyard is -7 °C or lower. Such wines are a peculiarity in the world, and worldwide jury members regularly give them the highest rewards.

Kutjevo winery is the largest and most prized producer of these wines in Croatia. Due to the richness of aroma and flavors, they recommend tasting the ice harvested Graševina, and Traminer cooled to 4-6 °C, the best aperitif or at the end of the meal with desserts.

Archive wines

At the end of the 19th century, after many historical events, noble family Turković built the first wine collection and archive in Kutjevo, consisting of more than 1,000 wines.

Although their impressive wine collection was destroyed in World War II, the tradition of archiving wines in this well-known cellar continued from 1947 onwards. Today, the Kutjevo collection is the most comprehensive wine collection in Croatia, boasting over 65,000 bottles of aged and archived wines where the oldest (Pinot Blanc) dates back to 1947.

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