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Meneghetti: Art in the bottle

Even though Meneghetti winery has a relatively short winemaking history, it is definitely one of the most famous in Istria.

It sure helps that the winery is located within a beautiful stancija (the Istrian name for a traditional estate).

In the beginning, in early 2000, Stancija Meneghetti consisted of an owner’s villa surrounded by vineyards and winery. The whole property could be rented and it offered a truly unique experience at the time.

Their guests enjoyed a five-star service – indoor& outdoor pools as well as private chef included. It is no wonder the place became hugely popular for show-stopping wedding receptions and similar events.

As time went by, the brand Meneghetti became recognized for their wine so more and more guests wanted to drop by the stancija.

The owners identified a growing demand for diversifying their offer, so the villa was rearranged into a boutique hotel with a restaurant, and the winery got an official tasting room.

Meneghetti became even more popular since one could book a room for a romantic weekend or come for a wine tasting and stay for lunch or dinner. The uniqueness of this touristic product was widely recognized by both domestic and foreign guests.

Meneghetti winery expanded its wine portfolio into labels:

  • Taste of Joy – Meneghetti Classic (sparkling wine)
  • Soul of Istria – Meneghetti Merlot, Meneghetti Malvazija, Meneghetti Chardonnay
  • Art in the bottle – Meneghetti White, Meneghetti Red

The main idea behind their winemaking vision is to show how versatile international grapes can give excellent results in Istrian terroir. Their premium line Art in a bottle has a goal to show that great wines are not only reserved for great wine regions, such as Bordeaux and Napa Valley.

Meneghetti Classic sparkling wine is positioned at the top of its category in Croatia, whereas labels under the Soul of Istria line are lower budget wines, but still with a recognizable Meneghetti touch. KućaGlavić is their outlet located in Dubrovnik region, so wines under this label reflect the specificities of Dubrovnik terroir.

At the moment, Meneghettistancija is undergoing another reconstruction. They are increasing their capacities by building 19 new rooms, out of which 15 will be located within newly constructed residences. Consequently, they are expanding the existing restaurant and building another outdoor pool.

They claim exclusivity, serenity, and tranquility for which they are already famous, but which will be on an even higher level once they finish. They plan to open their doors for the public at the beginning of August 2016.

Definitely worth visiting!

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